Majority of chinese satisfied with government efforts to protectenvi… – Indoor Advertising LED Display

A majority of Chinese expressedsatisfaction in 2011 with the government’s efforts to preserve theenvironment, though residents in urban areas are less satisfiedthan their rural counterparts, according to a U.S. poll releasedFriday. Seventy-seven percent of Chinese adults surveyed last year saidthey were satisfied with the current efforts to protect theenvironment. In China’s rural regions, 80 percent of residents heldthe same view, compared to 74 percent in urban regions, the Galluppoll found. Indoor Advertising LED Display

In general, 77 percent of Chinese residents were satisfied with thequality of air, while 73 percent expressed satisfaction with thequality of water, the poll said. However, the percentage of Chinese urban residents (63 percent) whowere satisfied with the air quality was significantly less thanthat of rural counterparts (87 percent), indicating that airpollution is much worse in the urban areas. Seventy-eight of ruralresidents were satisfied with water quality, compared to 67 percentin urban areas, the poll said. In biggest Chinese cities, the percentage of residents who weresatisfied with the environment in 2011 was much lower. Only 46percent of residents in both Beijing and Shanghai were satisfiedwith the air quality, compared to 49 percent in Guangzhou.Meanwhile, 58 percent of residents in Shanghai were satisfied withthe water quality, compared to 60 percent in Beijing and 61 percentin Guangzhou. Indoor Advertising LED Display

As a result, Chinese urban residents have a remarkably higherawareness of protecting the environment, and are more likely to saythat priority should be given to environmental protection, even ifit risks economic growth. In general, 57 percent of Chinese surveyed in 2011 prioritizedprotecting the environment, even at the risk of curbing economicgrowth. Only 21 percent said that economic growth should be given apriority, even if the environment suffers to some extent, the pollshowed. But in Beijing, 77 percent of residents in Beijing thoughtenvironmental protection should be prioritized over economicgrowth, compared to 75 percent in Shanghai and 66 percent inGuangzhou. China Indoor Full Color LED Display

China still lags behind developed countries in terms of efforts toprotect the environment, though it is investing heavily in newenergy sources and low-carbon technologies that could satisfy thesubstantial power demand from rapid urbanization while protectingthe environment, the Gallup said in a report on the poll. “Without aggressive strategies to combat pollution, China’senvironmental problems will likely only worsen as its urban areascontinue to expand. Comprehensive urbanization policies that focuson conservation and the efficient use of natural resources such asenergy, air, water, and land will be necessary to ensure thesustainability and quality of these resources in the future,”the report said. Results in China were based on face-to-face and telephoneinterviews with approximately 4,200 adults in 2011.

The poll has amargin of sampling error ranging from 2 to 3.5 percentage points.


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