British ex-pm brown, finance minister face press inquiry – Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer Manufacturer

LONDON – British ex-premier Gordon Brown and finance ministerGeorge Osborne faced a grilling Monday by the press ethics inquirysparked by the phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s News ofthe World. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is due to appear at theLeveson Inquiry on Thursday, in a week of intense scrutiny of theties between both of Britain’s main political parties and Murdoch’sNews Corp. empire. Brown, Labour prime minister between 2007 and 2010, was asked inearly questioning about a story printed by the Murdoch-owned Sun in2006 which revealed that his son had been diagnosed with cysticfibrosis. He said he “absolutely” denied that his wife gave consent for thestory to be published, contradicting claims by Rebekah Brooks, thetabloid’s editor at the time, when she gave evidence to the LevesonInquiry last month. Nokia LCD Screens

Brown was also set to face questions about his relationship with81-year-old Murdoch, after the Australian-born tycoon told theinquiry that they enjoyed a “warm personal relationship”. Osborne was also expected to face challenging questions over hisgovernment’s links to the tycoon after the Conservative-ledcoalition government came under fire over revelations about itscloseness to the Murdoch press. Culture minister Jeremy Hunt has been battling calls to resignsince it emerged at the inquiry in April that his office leakedinformation to News Corp. about its bid to take full control ofpay-TV giant BSkyB. Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer Manufacturer

Cameron, who is due to give a full six-and-a-half-hour day oftestimony on Thursday, launched the press ethics inquiry last Julyin the wake of the phone-hacking scandal at the now-defunct News ofthe World. The tabloid was forced to close after revelations that it hackedinto the voicemail messages of a murdered teenage girl, as well asdozens of public figures, sparked a wave of public revulsion. The inquiry, led by judge Brian Leveson, is due to produce a reportin October that will likely include recommendations on the futureof press regulation and a probe into the extent of journalists’illegal activities. More than 40 people have been arrested by police investigatingphone hacking and alleged bribery of public officials by News Corp.journalists. Wireless Cell Phone Speakers Manufacturer


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