Study shows potential to revive abandoned cancer drug bynanoparticle drug delivery

Posted: May 2nd, 2012 Study shows potential to revive abandoned cancer drug bynanoparticle drug delivery ( Nanowerk News ) Current nanomedicine research has focused on the delivery ofestablished and novel therapeutics. But a UNC team is taking adifferent approach. They developed nanoparticle carriers tosuccessfully deliver therapeutic doses of a cancer drug that hadpreviously failed clinical development due to pharmacologicchallenges. They report their proof of principle findings in theApril 30, 2012 early online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( “Revival of the abandoned therapeutic wortmannin bynanoparticle drug delivery” ). Nail Glitter Powder

Wortmannin is a drug that was highly promising as a cancer drug,but its successful preclinical studies did not translate intoclinical efficacy because of challenges such as high toxicity, lowstability and low solubility (unable to be dissolved in blood). Andrew Z. Wang, MD, study senior author, says, “Drug development isa difficult and expensive process. For a cancer drug to make it toclinical use, it not only has to be effective against cancer cells,but also needs to have low toxicity, good stability and goodsolubility. Mini Exercise Bikes Manufacturer

Many promising drugs such as wortmannin failed clinicaldevelopment because they failed one or more of these requirements.Nanoparticle drug delivery is a breakthrough technology and has theability to overcome these limitations. Our study is a proof ofprinciple to demonstrate that nanoparticles can renew the clinicalpotential of many of these ‘abandoned’ and ‘forgotten’ drugs. “We found that the nanoparticle formulation of wortmannin decreasedtoxicity and increased stability, solubility and effectiveness.Additionally, nanoparticle wortmannin can improve the efficacy ofradiotherapy dramatically and is more effective than the mostcommonly utilized chemotherapeutics. ” Wang is a member of UNCLineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Wang explains, “Most research has focused on established drugs.However, there is a large number of these ‘forgotten’ drugs thatcan be revived and re-evaluated using nanoparticle drug delivery.These drugs can provide new targets and offer new strategies thatpreviously didn’t exist.” The team will now focus on further development of the nanoparticlewortmannin as well as look into developing nanoparticle formulationof other abandoned drugs. Exercise Equipment Treadmill Manufacturer


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