The business finance store discusses peer-to-peer lending for smallbusinesses – Optical Fiber Connectors

Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) May 05, 2012 Wells Fargo, the largest home lender in the United States, won thebiggest market share ever recorded as Bank of America pulled backits home lending after $65 billion in combined mortgage losses,Bloomberg reported. Whenever a single company dominates the market,there are always concerns about what could happen if that companyfalters. While in this case Wells Fargo dominates home lending, thesame could be true with other lenders for small business loans. Forthis reason small businesses might be considering alternativelenders for their business financing needs.

Among these alternativelending sources is peer-to-peer lending. In the recent blog post The Pros and Cons of Peer-to-Peer Lending for Small Businesses, The Business Finance Store discusses the benefits and draw backsof peer-to-peer lending to finance a small business. Peer-to-peer lending involves borrowing directly from anotherindividual without going through a traditional financialinstitution. It can be an option that is beneficial to many smallbusinesses.

Knowing the different facets of that option isessential for success. Read more about peer-to-peer lending forsmall businesses at The Business Finance Store Blog . The Business Finance Store is a business financing and consultingfirm that offers customized Business Financial Solutions. Seasonedprofessionals offer assistance in a variety of financial solutionsto help small businesses succeed such as: Business Financial Solutions , Legal Solutions, and Accounting Solutions. Premium HDMI Cable

The staff at The Business Finance Store understands that startingand growing a business is an exciting time. They keep it excitingby taking care of some of the most difficult aspects, by providinglegal advice, helping with vital responsibilities like accounting& bookkeeping, and by obtaining business finance. They canquickly and easily guide entrepreneurs through many differentcomplicated processes and put them on the path to success. For 10 years The Business Finance Store has been helping startupsand other small businesses legally structure their companies, findthe right franchises, get the funding they need, and achieve theAmerican Dream of owning their own successful business. Sinceexpanding nationwide in 2007, they have helped thousands ofcompanies and have funded over $60 Million in business creditlines, not including SBA loans. Optical Fiber Connectors

The Business Finance Store seeslimitless potential in the current climate, and looks forward tomany strong years of growth to come. Take some time to review theirservices, and give them a call. For more information, or a free, no-obligation analysis of yourbusiness needs, visit The Business Finance Store website: . A member of their professional staff will contact you to discussyour business’ short and long-term goals. Whatever you need, TheBusiness Finance Store is there. Premium HDMI Cable Manufacturer

Read the full story at releases/2012/5/prweb9478639.htm .


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