Windows 8 release preview rolls out; windows 7 upgrades to cost $15 – Touchpad Tablet PC Manufacturer

Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Release Preview, the latestversion of its upcoming OS. We list out the new features. For thosebuying Windows 7 laptops from here on in, Microsoft will onlycharge $15 to upgrade to Windows 8. The very latest preview version of Windows 8 has been released. Ifyou have a PC available for testing, you can download the Windows 8 Release Preview here If not, you’re going to have to wait like the rest of us.Below, we’ve listed a few of the many changes between thisand the Windows 8 Consumer Preview we tested a few months back.

What’s new in the Windows 8 Release Preview: Core apps improved: Email, Music, News, Finance, Sports, Photos, SkyDrive, andContacts apps have all been improved or added. Many apps seem towork quite well with Facebook and other social networks. Multitouch gestures on touchpads: Those with a capable touchpad will be able to use it to performgestures on the PC. Flash support: Internet Explorer 10 has Flash support. Silent improvements: Windows 8 now uses less RAM to run and supposedly uses memory moreefficiently, according to PC World.

It also has HyperV integration for backward compatiblity,improved multimonitor support, and needs less storage space. For those afraid to buy a new PC now, Microsoft has announced that,starting June 2, anyone who buys an “eligible” Windows7 PC will be able to upgrade it to Windows 8 for only $15 when itis released toward the end of the year. The offer is available in131 “markets” including the US and Canada, but ends onJanuary 31, 2013. While this is a good offer, those seeking to actually utilizeWindows 8 to its potential may want to hold out for new hardware.Windows 8 is best used with a tablet or laptop built with featureslike a touchscreen, GPS, and other phone-like features.
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Shaughnessy: last place is the last place they want to be – Type D to Type A Hdmi Cable Manufacturer

PHILADELPHIA — They are the last-place Boston Red Sox. It has become part of their name. They are no longer just the RedSox. Just as the Wallendas are the Flying Wallendas, and the Bosstones are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Sox are the last-place Red Sox. Cellar dwellers.

Basement boys. Bringing up the rear. When I was a kid, we had a dumb joke about the Washington Senators.Washington was first in war, first in peace, and last in theAmerican League. And now the Red Sox are the bottom-feeders of the AL East. Sorry,but it”s hard to get my head around that one.

We are not talking about a tiny sample. After Sunday”s game,the Sox will have played more than one-quarter of their season. Andthey have been in last place every day of the season. It”ssimply hard to believe. A year ago, they were touted as a 100-win team. High Speed HDMI Cable 1.4

“Best TeamEver”” was the infamous Herald headline. They stumbledout of the gate, then lived up to the billing, playing 40 gamesover .500 for four months. We know what happened after that. But we considered it a fluke. Type D to Type A Hdmi Cable Manufacturer

Nowwe wonder. After 40 games last year, the Sox were 20-20, tied forthird place, three games out of first, and it felt like they weregoing to get much better. They did. This year, it does not feel that way. High Speed HDMI Cable 1.4

In the wake of Saturdaynight”s 7-5 win over the Phillies, the Sox are 19-21. Butgetting over .500 feels like climbing Kilimanjaro. It hasn”thappened this year. This is the team with a $173 million payroll, third-highest inbaseball. Why so many Triple A players? Why is Bobby Valentineplaying with a short bench just about every day? When are theygoing to go on a legitimate winning streak that does not involvethe dreadful Twins or Mariners? This is the latest the Sox have been in last place since 1997, whenJimy Williams”s team sat in the basement in September enroute to a 78-84 record and fourth place.

That is the only Sox teamto finish below .500 since the Butch Hobson era (1992-94, threeseasons below .500). When does this bunch cease to be the last-place Red Sox of 2012? “We”re going to be the first-place RedSox,”” Valentine predicted as he stood in his office acouple of hours before Saturday night”s game against thePhillies at Citizens Bank Park. “It might take a long timeand I don”t have a date on it, but it”s going tohappen. “These other teams are going to let it happen.

People aregoing to beat each other and then it”s who gets hot last. AndLord knows we haven”t had a winning streak.”” Last weekend in Boston, when Valentine was asked a question thatincluded the phrase “in the six weeks you”ve been onthe job . . .,”” the manager stopped the query andsaid, “Has it only been six weeks?”” Amen.

So much stuff has happened – most of it bad – it feels likethe Sox have been struggling for six years. “It”s been difficult,”” said Valentine.”You know what they say – ‘I”ve never seen aseason like this one” – and every year they say that.That”s what this is. “We”re playing good, we”ve just got to somehowkeep it together. We keep losing guys for two days.

It”s hardfor consistency and continuity. “But these are tough guys. The everyday players seem likethey get it. But like I said, it”s been difficult. A 20-daystretch, playing with a short roster every day, and all the weirdstuff.

We had a 4-1 game [vs. Cleveland May 12]. It was reallycool. Aceves came in and got the outs.

Nobody got hurt. “But everything else . . .”” True. It seems like the Red Sox never have a normal day.There”s always an injury, some goofy distraction, or ahistoric event of dubious distinction, like blowing a 9-0 lead tothe Yankees April 21, or using Darnell McDonald in relief during a17-inning loss to the Orioles May 6.

In so many ways, the 2012 Sox season feels like a continuation ofthe 7-20 September. I asked Dustin Pedroia if he was surprised thatit has been this bad for this long. “We have 120 games to go,”” he said. “Idon”t think you can sit back and say, ‘Poor us.”We can”t think like that. We can”t read the papers anddwell on the negative.

We”ve got some guys banged up. We haveto have guys step up and play in their place and playwell.”” What about the notion that fans don”t like this team? “Hopefully the fans like our team, but that”s not myjob,”” said the second baseman. “My job is tohelp us try to win games. Would you like us more if we were winningmore? If we win, you guys are going to like us. “It”s hard to watch sometimes, but we ain”tquitting, man.”” The last-place Red Sox play again Sunday afternoon against thePhillies.

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Myanmar’s suu kyi to address british parliament in june – China HDMI Cables 1.4 – China Package

WASHINGTON – Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be giventhe rare honour of addressing both houses of Britain’s parliamentwhen she makes her first trip outside Myanmar in 24 years nextmonth, British officials said on Saturday. The Nobel peace laureate has accepted Prime Minister DavidCameron’s invitation to visit Britain and will spend a week therefrom June 18, officials accompanying Cameron at a summit of theGroup of Eight leading economies in the United States toldreporters. Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, said last monthshe would visit Norway and Britain in June, but it was the firsttime the British government had confirmed the trip. Suu Kyi will give a speech to both houses of parliament during herstay, a rare honour accorded in the past to figures such as formerSouth African President Nelson Mandela and, last year, to U.S.President Barack Obama. Her journey caps months of dramatic change in Myanmar, including ahistoric by-election on April 1 that won her a seat in a year-oldparliament that replaced nearly five decades of oppressive militaryrule. Color HDMI Cable

Her trip is expected to include a visit to the British city Oxford,where she attended university in the 1970s. Suu Kyi, 66, was first detained in 1989, and spent 15 of the next21 years in detention until her release from house arrest inNovember 2010. She refused to leave the country during the briefperiods when she was not held by authorities, for fear of not beingallowed to return. Cameron invited Suu Kyi to visit Britain when he met her in Yangonin April. Her British husband, Michael Aris, died of cancer in1999. China HDMI Cables 1.4

Britain is proposing the creation of an international commission toencourage “responsible” trade and investment in Myanmar, also knownas Burma, now that sanctions on the country are being lifted,British officials said. The plan is designed to help make sure trade benefits all Myanmar’speople, rather than a “select few”, a British official said. The United States, the European Union, Japan, Canada and Australiahave all moved in recent weeks to ease or suspend sanctions onMyanmar, as the once pariah nation embarks on democratic reformsand seeks engagement with the world. British officials said Cameron would outline proposals at the G8for a Commission for Responsible Investment in Burma that couldbring together representatives from the World Bank and theOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development,international companies and human rights campaigners. China Package

The panel would establish principles that businesses would beencouraged to sign up to when trading with or investing in Myanmar,the officials said.

Going local: anchorage farmer’s markets roll out for another season – Portable USB Power Bank Manufacturer

The Center Market is now open two days a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, outside inthe parking lot facing Benson, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I spoke with Alex Davis, of AD Farms, about his market. The center market attracts customers that are interested inknowing their farmer getting to know who is raising their food, he said. Blackberry LCD Screens

Alex grew up in Michigan and got his first taste of his futureprofession while working on a Christmas tree farm. Moving toAlaska, he married into a farming family and helped out withgrowing and selling over the years. In 2003, he bought into thefamily business. As an organic farmer, his produce cycle typically starts to pick upa little later, which means he continues to sell after the mainmarket season had ended. This led Alex to special orders withpick-up points, and eventually, demand grew. Portable USB Power Bank Manufacturer

Over the years, he hasadded fresh berries — or jams and jellies in the winter — and heis now selling 50 head of naturally-raised pork along with variouspoultry and 83 dozen eggs a week. When Duane came on the scene,they added naturally raised beef, whole chickens and he procuresseafood as well. A rotating cast of other vendors have been added, includingNorthern Light Mushrooms, offering cultivated shiitake and oystermushrooms from Southcentral Alaska; Matanuska Creamery, with freshice cream, butters and cheeses; Capriccio Specialties, featuringdried quality spices, fruits and fresh wild-picked produceseasonally; Rempel Farms, and others. Plans for the future include celebrating a one-year anniversary attheir current location, with no plans of relocating any time soon. Cell Phone Flex Cable

We are really happy at this location, the mall management is verysupportive and our customers love it, Alex said. Alex is playing with the idea of hydroponic lettuces for the fall,winter and spring to offset the lack of fresh greens in Alaskaoutside of the summer months. They are also looking for other like-minded purveyors to enhancethe market with niche items, like Bison or Reindeer, adding valueto the market for customers without adding competition to thecurrent vendors. Word on the street is they are talking to Alaska Sprouts, a localprovider of tofu, mung sprouts and seriously delicious onionsprouts –seriously, delicious oniony flavor with a spike of heatat the finish. Not your average alfalfa sprout! Long story short, there are a multitude of great markets aroundtown to check out for great produce, great food and entertainment.We will see you at your local market! Rob Kinneen is an Alaska chef who emphasizes sustainable, localfood choices.

Trained in New York, he has served as a chef atseveral prestigious Alaska restaurants including Orso, SevenGlaciers and the Crow’s Nest. Together with his wife, Carolyn, theystarted Fresh49 , which produces webisodes exploring local and traditional AlaskaNative food options.

Romney tries to charm voters with cookies and conversation – China Acrylic Glitter Powder

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Mitt Romney is on a charm offensive. He took reporters’ questions after Thursday’s campaign rallyinstead of keeping them at bay. He brought them warm chocolate chipcookies for the flight from Jacksonville to Palm Beach, Fla. Afterhe got off the plane, he walked over to show reporters a picture ofhis 5-year-old grandson, Parker.

It was “wild hair day” at school and the grandfather of18 had to share what had just come into his iPad. “You know how he did that? With Elmers Glue and egg whites. Ikid you not,” said Romney, whose campaign just a day earlierengaged in a standoff with reporters over access to the candidate.”Isn’t that something else?” He chuckled about the hair standing straight up. [ Photo Gallery: Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. ] “I never did my hair like that.

But I’m thinking aboutit,” Romney said before heading to a private fundraiser.”People wonder how I keep my hair like it is. It’s like, alittle Elmers Glue and egg white would go a long way. Is that toomuch?” Then the candidate with matinee idol good looks grew quiet. “I miss him.” Romney, whom critics brand as standoffish and cold, seems to betrying to win over the reporters who will travel with him throughElection Day — and their audiences. Acrylic Glitter Powder

On Wednesday, relationshad soured to the point of a Romney aide grabbing a reporter’s armwhile others blocked reporters from the candidate. The campaignissued a statement declaring the incident a mistake. On Thursday, Romney tried to ease the friction. Romney welcomed reporters aboard his plane early in the day, comingto the rear of the cabin to chat. China Acrylic Glitter Powder

He did not, however, want tocomment on a report that a super PAC was contemplating a $10million campaign to drag President Barack Obama’s former pastorinto the mix. By afternoon — and after that proposal was jettisoned underheavy criticism from both parties — Romney was ready toanswer reporters’ questions about it. And anything else, too. Romney seldom engages with the reporters. His aides try to keep himaway from an unscheduled moment, such as the one in which hedeclared he didn’t much follow NASCAR but he knew some of the teamowners. Magnetic Exercise Bike

Romney’s aides are trying to keep the candidate on script and awayfrom the traveling reporters who chronicle his campaign and knowhis record best. Romney prefers conservative radio hosts and localtelevision affiliates but recognizes the value in positiverelationships with the journalists who document as many of hismoves as the campaign will allow. Campaign aides say Romney regularly meets with voters privately;the campaign refused to allow reporters to observe his meeting inJacksonville on Thursday. But with the clash a day before, Romney made himself available toreporters. And if Thursday is an indication, he is looking tosoften his image somewhat.

“Warm and gooey. Get the rest,” he urged a reporter as hepassed out the freshly baked cookies while the plane made thehourlong flight. “Come on. Two-hander.” But asked about his weekend plans, he said he was heading to hishome in Wolfeboro, N.H., on Lake Winnipesaukee to open it up forthe season. The six-bedroom, 5,400-square-foot home sits on 11acres at the end of a private drive.

The Clark Point property alsofeatures a boat house and a stable and is estimated to be worth $10million. “I’m going to do that this Saturday,” Romney said, notingthe rest of his family would be elsewhere. “It will be mealone. Put the boat in the water.

Get out the picnic tables. Bymyself.” Asked if he was serious when he told the crowd in Jacksonville thathe and his wife were considering a move to Florida, he replied:”We love California. … But there are attractions to Florida.It has the right tax rates, among others.” Florida residents do not pay state income tax. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

All rights reserved. Thismaterial may not be published, broadcast, rewritten orredistributed.

Fema to give vermont 90 percent funding for irene repair work – Beats By dr Dre Solo HD Headphones Manufacturer

Release Date: 05/17/12 DR-4022-VT NR 080 FEMA News Desk: 802-662-8651 VEM Mark Bosma: 800-347-0488 News Release FEMA WILL GIVE VERMONT 90 PERCENT FUNDING FOR IRENE REPAIR WORK ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. – The State of Vermont, municipalities,and some non-profit groups will be getting more federal money toreimburse them for costs incurred during Tropical Storm Irene andthe subsequent clean up and repairs. The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced today thatPresident Obama has approved Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’srequest for the federal government to reimburse applicants for 90percent of the eligible costs to repair or restore infrastructuredamaged by Irene instead of the standard 75 percent. “This announcement marks a major milestone in our recoveryfrom Tropical Storm Irene,” Governor Shumlin said. “Itwill mean significant savings for municipal budgets across thestate, and for the state budget as well. Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

We are incredibly gratefulto President Obama and the Congressional Delegation, and also toFEMA for this welcome news.” “We hope that this will help the state and its communities intheir ongoing recovery,” said Federal Coordinating OfficerJames N. (Nick) Russo, the head of FEMA’s mission in Vermont.”We know that Vermont and its towns and cities are working ashard as they can to repair damage, and we’re working hard toget them their money.” The FEMA Public Assistance (PA) program provides funding to repairroads and bridges, put water systems and electric utilities back inorder, rebuild libraries and replace damaged books, repairhospitals and emergency services, rebuild schools and universities,and pay for other infrastructure restoration statewide. It also reimburses communities and certain private non-profits forexpenses associated with debris removal, emergency protectivemeasures like search and rescue operations, and the cost ofeliminating public safety or health hazards, like removing animalcarcasses or demolishing unsafe buildings. FEMA’s PA program typically reimburses 75 percent of theeligible cost of these projects, with the state and municipalitysharing the remainder. Beats By dr Dre Solo HD Headphones Manufacturer

However, according to FEMA’s regulations up to 90 percentreimbursement is permitted if actual federal aid to a state for adisaster, minus FEMA’s administrative costs, meets or exceeds$127 per person. With a population of 625,741 according to the U.S. Census Bureau,that means if the actual cost of FEMA aid to the state exceeds$79,469,107 the state becomes eligible for 90 percentreimbursement, at the discretion of the president. So far FEMA has obligated, or paid to the state, approximately$64.7 million in reimbursement for Public Assistance projectsrelated to Tropical Storm Irene, as well as $22 million inIndividual Assistance to individuals and families for losses. The increased reimbursement will be provided to both completedprojects and those in process. AKG Foldable Headphones Manufacturer

It will not apply to projectsrelated to the spring 2011 flooding. To learn more visit:

Make sure you get your written confirmation of donation! – Cell Phone Flex Cable Manufacturer

The IRS and Congress has gotten much more aggressive in requiringproper documentation of a charitable donation in excess of $250. Without this documentation, the IRS has the right to completelydeny the deduction even though the taxpayer has a cancelled checkAND a letter from the charity. In order for the deduction to beallowed, the documentation must generally include the followinginformation: The amount of cash donated (if any), A description of any property other than cash that was donated (anestimate of the value of said noncash property is not required), Whether the charity provided any goods or services in exchange forthe donation (other than intangible religious benefits), and A description and good-faith estimate of the value of any goods andservices provided by the charity in exchange for the donation. Also, the taxpayer needs to receive this before filing theirreturn. Replace iPhone LCD Screen

The most often error that we see is the second item. Many times,the taxpayer will get a listing from the church of all of theirdonations, but this statement is not included. If this tax returnwas audited, the taxpayer would stand a good chance of losing thededuction. A recent Tax Court case underlines how much this can cost thetaxpayer. In Marshall Cohan case (TC Memo 2012-8), the taxpayertransferred a first right of refusal on valuable property onMartha’s Vineyard in exchange for cash and other assets that werevalue at less than fair market value. Cell Phone Flex Cable Manufacturer

This difference was valuedat $2 million by the taxpayer and charity. The charity provided awritten acknowledgement to the taxpayer of what was transferred tothe taxpayer, but for some reason did not completely list theassets that the taxpayer transferred to the charity. The Tax Court agreed with the IRS that the whole $2 milliondeduction was disallowed and in addition agreed that the taxablegain should have been $15 million instead of the $9 reported. Bad! It also appeared that the taxpayer and the charity were playingaudit lottery on purposely not reporting all of the items, so theCourt agreed that the 20% negligence penalty also applied. DoubleBad!! Something as little as not completely listing property transferredon a charity transfer can cost taxpayers a large amount of money. Cell Phone LCD Screens Manufacturer