Legislature deliberates report on chinese prisons, others – Magnetic Exercise Bike

China’s top legislature deliberated a report concerning conditionsand law implementation in prisons, among three reports, onWednesday, the second day of an ongoing bimonthly session. Earnings of prison-run enterprises no longer act as the primaryfinancial source for Chinese prisons, said Minister of Justice WuAiying during the report to the Standing Committee of the NationalPeople’s Congress (NPC). Wu said funding for China’s prisons is now mainly provided bycentral and provincial government spending. Security conditions in China’s prisons have been improved. Thenumber of prisoners who escaped in 2011 was 86.7 percent lower thanthat of 2005, and cases of serious incidents in jails reduced by72.7 percent in the same time frame, the Minister of Justice added. Color Glitter Powder

Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei delivered a report tolegislators on agricultural and water resources development. The country’s investment in water resources will reach 4 trillionyuan (634.8 billion U.S. dollars) by 2020, Chen said. Total investment in water resources amounted to a record high of345.2 billion yuan last year, 231.1 billion yuan of which came fromlocal governments, indicated a separate report from the ministry. Chen elaborated on problems with farmland irrigation and waterconservation projects, suggesting further increasing investment anddeveloping water-saving irrigation and dry farming to a largescale. Magnetic Exercise Bike

He also said in his report that China should proceed withcomprehensive water and solid conservation campaign and treatmentof rural water environments. The legislators also deliberated a report on the administration ofentry-exit, residence and employment for foreigners, which wasdelivered by Yang Huanning, vice minister of public security. China will continue to build a favorable environment forinvestment, tourism, employment and attracting talents, whileeffectively preventing and controlling unstable factors involvingforeign interests, promised Yang. The official’s report came after a new visa category titled “talentintroduction” had been added to a draft law on China’s exit andentry administration. The draft law was submitted to the NPCStanding Committee, for its second reading on Tuesday, thesession’s opening day. China Exercise Equipment Treadmill

According the draft law, China will issue more green cards and easerestrictions for visa-free entry to encourage more talentedindividuals from overseas to work in the country. Harsher punishments may be imposed upon people who enter or exitthe country illegally, according to the draft law . Also on Tuesday, the legislature read a draft amendment to the lawon agricultural technology promotion for the first time, andcontinued reading a draft amendment to the Civil Procedure Law anda draft law on servicepeople’s insurance. Wednesday’s session was attended by NPC Standing Committee ChairmanWu Bangguo and Vice Premier Hui Liangyu.

The bimonthly session will end on Friday.


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