Pharmacy grads blessed with brisk job offers in japan – T5 LED Tube Light – LED Flat Panel Lights

JAPAN – While most university graduates are grappling with a tightlabor market, students who graduated from pharmaceutical collegesor departments in March have been spoiled for choice. Demand for these students has soared because they are the firstbatch to graduate since pharmaceutical courses changed fromfour-year degrees to six-year ones in 2006. This created a blank in2010 and 2011, when there were no such graduates. Although it is unclear how long this “special recruitmentdemand” will continue, drugstore operators and dispensingpharmacies have been scrambling to hire these graduates. High Bay LED Lights

Almost 100 per cent of this spring’s graduates from NihonUniversity’s School of Pharmacy landed jobs. The rate stood at 80per cent to 90 per cent before the shift to a six-year course. Theschool received job offers even in April from hospitals as farafield as Okinawa Prefecture that were facing a shortage ofqualified manpower, a school official said. “It seems to be special recruitment demand brought about bythe two-year gap” in the supply of pharmacy-major graduates,the official added. The situation is similar at other universities. T5 LED Tube Light

An official atYokohama College of Pharmacy said: “Hospitals are popularplaces of employment for university graduates, but there are manyjob offers from drugstores that are expanding their business. Anystudent certified as a pharmacist will find a job.” At Josai International University, a graduate of its PharmaceuticalSciences Faculty started job-hunting in March–a relatively latetime of year–but landed a job in April. “It’s a differentworld, compared with the severe employment situation in otherfields,” a professor of the university said. Takuhiro Miyazono, 23, of Showa Pharmaceutical University wasinterviewed for a job by a major drugstore chain operator in April.He said the market held few fears for him. LED Flat Panel Lights

“Some students practically had jobs lined up before April,when they were still fifth-year students,” Miyazono said.”It would be bizarre if we failed the employment exams ofpharmaceutical companies, aside from the really popular ones.” Starting with the enrollment of 2006, university pharmacydepartments switched to a six-year course. As a result, the numberof successful examinees for the state test for pharmacists plungedfrom 11,301 in 2009–when most of the last batch offour-year-course students graduated–to 3,787 in 2010 and 1,455 in2011.

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