40 percent of va. 8th-graders proficient in science – Gold Glitter Powder – China Exercise Equipment Treadmill

The Associated Press May 10, 2012 By Zinie Chen Sampson RICHMOND Virginia’s eighth-graders outperform their peers nationwide inscience, but only 40 percent show a solid grasp of the subject,according to a national report released today. The National Assessment of Educational Progress results showed that38 percent of Virginia’s public school eighth-graders achieved”proficient” science scores in 2011, compared with 34percent in 2009. Two percent scored at the “advanced”level, unchanged from 2009. Nationally, 29 percent scored at the proficient level and 2 percentat the advanced level. Nine other states had a higher percentage ofstudents achieving at least “proficient” scores thanVirginia, but none exceeded 44 percent proficiency. Color Glitter Powder

“Virginia schools are fortunate to have many outstandingscience teachers and nationally recognized science standards thatstress inquiry-based learning as well as content knowledge,”Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright saidThursday of the four-point increase in the percentage of proficientscores. “The implementation of even more rigorous sciencestandards in 2012 will provide a foundation for even higherachievement.” Thirty-three percent of Virginia’s eighth-graders performed at”basic” level, and 27 percent scored “belowbasic.” That’s compared with 34 percent basic and 30 percentbelow basic in 2009, according to the report. The exam measuredcontent knowledge in physical science, life science, and earth andspace sciences. Gold Glitter Powder

Nationally, 34 percent of students scored at the basic level in2011, and 36 percent were below basic. Proficiency is defined as solid academic performance at gradelevel, including subject-matter knowledge, application of suchknowledge to real-world situations, and analytical skillsappropriate to the subject matter. “Advanced” representssuperior performance, and “basic” is defined as partialmastery of fundamental knowledge and skills for proficientgrade-level work. Achievement gaps remain among Virginia’s racial and socioeconomicgroups. Among white students, 51 percent scored at proficientlevel, compared with 55 percent of those identifying themselves asAsian, 15 percent of black students and 24 percent of Hispanicstudents. China Exercise Equipment Treadmill

Among eighth-graders eligible for the federal schoollunch program, 22 percent scored at proficient levels. The programis a measure of low family income. Also known as the Nation’s Report Card, NAEP is the only nationallyrepresentative measure of what U.S. students know and can do invarious subject areas. About 2,300 students in 110 Virginia schools participated in thenational science assessment as a representative sample ofVirginia’s eighth grades, according to the Virginia Department ofEducation.

The next NAEP science assessment will take place in2015, with both fourth-grade and eighth-grade students taking theexam.


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