Court won’t hear suit against fbi by alleged bulger victim’srelatives – Flexible LED Panels

By John R. Ellement, Globe Staff The US Supreme Court refused today to resurrect a lawsuit filedagainst the FBI by relatives of Edward Brian Halloran, whomust now turn to Congress where Bay State lawmakers have filedspecial legislation to compensate them for Halloran s death in1982, allegedly at the hands of James Whitey Bulger. It s disappointing, but the Supreme Court takes very fewcases, said William E. Christie, the New Hampshire-basedattorney for the Halloran family. Once again, the courts havedenied the Halloran family justice. Indoor Full Color LED Display

The court s decision not to hear the case came in a 16-page orderthat listed dozens of other cases from around the country. Thenewest member of the US Supreme Court, Justice Elena Kagan, did notparticipate in the decision, the court said. Halloran s relatives won a $2 million US District Court verdictagainst the FBI because of its corrupt relationship with Bulger.But the First US Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that verdict,ruling that the statute of limitations had expired. Halloran, a 41-year-old Bulger associate, was getting a ride homefrom a bar on Boston s waterfront on May 11, 1982, when Bulger andan unidentified associate allegedly opened fire, killing him andthe man who gave him the ride, Michael Donahue, a 32-year-oldDorchester truck driver. Flexible LED Panels

Bulger allegedly acted because he had been tipped off by a corruptFBI agent that Halloran had become an FBI informant. Bulger himselfwas an FBI informant who allegedly used his protected status to hisadvantage during a ruthless reign in Boston s underworld. Today s ruling ends the litigation for the Halloran family. Butthe legal battle continues for the Donahue family, which did notseek to appeal to the Supreme Court. Boston attorney Edward Hinchey, who represents the family, said thefamily, taking a different legal tack, will ask a federal judgeWednesday if the family can continue its lawsuit against fourformer FBI officials for civil rights violations, Hinchey said that if the family loses its bid Wednesday, then weare all probably in front of Congress. Outdoor SMD LED Display Manufacturer

Bulger s long-time sidekick and fellow informant, Stephen TheRifleman Flemmi, testified during court proceedings that formerFBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. warned him and Bulger that Halloranwas cooperating with the FBI and had implicated the gangsters in anearlier slaying. Flemmi said the tip prompted Bulger to kill Halloran and thatDonahue, who was simply giving Halloran a ride home, was just aninnocent bystander Bulger is awaiting trial on federal racketeering charges thatinclude allegations he killed 19 people, including Halloran andDonahue.

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