Frantz renominated for state senate’s 36th district – Package – TV Scart Cable Manufacturer

Count Bea Crumbine and Dawn Federman as L. Scott Frantz fans. “I think he is an inspiration, and I think he is exactly what everypolitician should be like, especially for the youth,” saidFederman, the chairman of the town’s young Republican organization , the YGOP of Greenwich. “He is looking out for the future. He isnot looking out for himself.” Greenwich Republicans chose Frantz Monday night as the candidatefor the 36th state Senate District.

Crumbine was equally complimentary about the two-term incumbent. “I think he is amazing, and he is representative of all of us. Hisskills are extraordinary,” she said. Frantz, 51, faced no opposition at the nominating meeting held atthe Arch Street teen center, with about 40 Republicans inattendance.

The fast-moving meeting was completed in 20 minutes. In his comments, Frantz attacked Democratic rule in Hartford, wherethat party holds the governor’s office, the Senate and the House of Representatives . “Government rule by one party … simply doesn’t work. That’sexactly what we have in the state of Connecticut,” he said,pointing out that the state is facing a $300 million deficit,despite tax increases that Gov. HDMI Cables 1.4

Dannel P. Malloy and the Democratic-controlled Legislature passed last year. “We’re supposed to have, as a result of record tax increases overtwo years of just shy of $4 billion, at least a $100 millionsurplus,” he said. “We are looking at a $300 million deficit. Package

It isinexcusable.” Frantz assailed Democrats on a number of fronts, including medical marijuana, paid sickdays, highway tolls and a proposed $600 million busway from NewBritain to Hartford, among other Democratic policies. He said his goal, along with his fellow Greenwich Republicans, isto “try and bring some rationality to Hartford and try to get thestate back on track.” Former Selectman Peter Crumbine praised Frantz as a superb choice to represent the party again. “He is now one of the top legislators in Hartford,” Crumbine said.”He is an articulate speaker, a community leader, a hard worker, aloving husband and father and an all-around good guy.” He also praised Frantz for his commitment to traditional Republicanprinciples. “Scott understands more than just about anybody that prosperity andgrowth at the state and national level requires free markets, smallgovernment and low taxes. TV Scart Cable Manufacturer

First elected to the Senate in 2008, Frantz replaced fellow Republican William Nickerson , who retired. The 36th District includes all of Greenwich andparts of Stamford and New Canaan. Frantz, a venture capitalist and prolific GOP fundraiser , is theranking member of the Bank and Commerce Committee and is the party’s whip. State Rep.

Lile Gibbon , R-150th District, who will not re-offer in November’s election,also praised Frantz in her comments at the meeting. “Scott is the consummate legislator,” she said. “He cares, he’ssmart, he shows up for everything and on time. Scott goes the extramile to make a difference.” “Scott is a polite, thoughtful and wonderful advocate forGreenwich, Stamford and New Canaan,” she said.

“Scott is very goodat his job and we are lucky to have him. He makes legislating lookeasy and fun.” The Riverside resident previously served as board chairman of both Bradley International Airport near Hartford and the Connecticut Development Authority . Frantz and his wife, Icy, have four children. Republicans are scheduled to renominate state Rep. Livvy Floren , R-149th District, on Wednesday and state Rep.

Alfred Camillo , R-151st District, on May 23. The 150th District GOP nominating convention will take place May23, with former Board of Estimate and Taxation Chairman Stephen Walko having declared his candidacy for the open seat. Democrats begin their nomination process Monday with theirselection of a Senate challenger to Frantz.; 203-625-4434.


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