Going local: anchorage farmer’s markets roll out for another season – Portable USB Power Bank Manufacturer

The Center Market is now open two days a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, outside inthe parking lot facing Benson, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I spoke with Alex Davis, of AD Farms, about his market. The center market attracts customers that are interested inknowing their farmer getting to know who is raising their food, he said. Blackberry LCD Screens

Alex grew up in Michigan and got his first taste of his futureprofession while working on a Christmas tree farm. Moving toAlaska, he married into a farming family and helped out withgrowing and selling over the years. In 2003, he bought into thefamily business. As an organic farmer, his produce cycle typically starts to pick upa little later, which means he continues to sell after the mainmarket season had ended. This led Alex to special orders withpick-up points, and eventually, demand grew. Portable USB Power Bank Manufacturer

Over the years, he hasadded fresh berries — or jams and jellies in the winter — and heis now selling 50 head of naturally-raised pork along with variouspoultry and 83 dozen eggs a week. When Duane came on the scene,they added naturally raised beef, whole chickens and he procuresseafood as well. A rotating cast of other vendors have been added, includingNorthern Light Mushrooms, offering cultivated shiitake and oystermushrooms from Southcentral Alaska; Matanuska Creamery, with freshice cream, butters and cheeses; Capriccio Specialties, featuringdried quality spices, fruits and fresh wild-picked produceseasonally; Rempel Farms, and others. Plans for the future include celebrating a one-year anniversary attheir current location, with no plans of relocating any time soon. Cell Phone Flex Cable

We are really happy at this location, the mall management is verysupportive and our customers love it, Alex said. Alex is playing with the idea of hydroponic lettuces for the fall,winter and spring to offset the lack of fresh greens in Alaskaoutside of the summer months. They are also looking for other like-minded purveyors to enhancethe market with niche items, like Bison or Reindeer, adding valueto the market for customers without adding competition to thecurrent vendors. Word on the street is they are talking to Alaska Sprouts, a localprovider of tofu, mung sprouts and seriously delicious onionsprouts –seriously, delicious oniony flavor with a spike of heatat the finish. Not your average alfalfa sprout! Long story short, there are a multitude of great markets aroundtown to check out for great produce, great food and entertainment.We will see you at your local market! Rob Kinneen is an Alaska chef who emphasizes sustainable, localfood choices.

Trained in New York, he has served as a chef atseveral prestigious Alaska restaurants including Orso, SevenGlaciers and the Crow’s Nest. Together with his wife, Carolyn, theystarted Fresh49 , which produces webisodes exploring local and traditional AlaskaNative food options.


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