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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida/New York — Chris Sale struck out acareer-high 15 and Adam Dunn hit a two-run homer as the ChicagoWhite Sox extended their winning streak to six games with a 2-1victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday. Sale (6-2) gave up one run, three hits and walked two in 7 1-3innings while finishing one strikeout shy of the team record JackHarshman set against Boston on July 25, 1954. Sale matchedDetroit’s Max Scherzer for the most in a game this season, set May20 against Pittsburgh. Beats By Dr Dre Wireless Headphones

Chicago took a 2-1 lead during the sixth when Gordon Beckhamsingled and scored on Dunn’s homer off Matt Moore (1-5). Angels 9, Yankees 8 At Anaheim, California, Mark Trumbo hit agame-ending home run to left as the Los Angeles Angels overcameJered Weaver’s first-inning injury exit for their seventhconsecutive victory. Trumbo doubled and tripled before launching the final pitch fromYankees reliever Cory Wade (0-1) into the stands. Howie Kendrick and Kendrys Morales drove in three runs apiece forthe Angels (25-25), who got back to .500 for the first time sinceApril 9 while snapping the Yankees’ five-game winning streak. Weaver left with an apparent lower-back injury after just 12pitches. Apple Earpods Headphones Manufacturer

Rangers 4, Mariners 2 At Arlington, Texas, Mike Napoli and NelsonCruz both homered before combining on a big defensive play, andMatt Harrison pitched eight strong innings to lead Texas pastSeattle. Napoli homered for the second game in a row when he hit atiebreaking, three-run shot in the sixth off reliever Steve Delabar(1-1). Cruz went deep in the second to help the Rangers win theirfourth straight game. Harrison (6-3) struck out five and walked none. SMS 50 Cent Headphones

Joe Nathan workedthe ninth for his 11th save in 12 chances. Brendan Ryan hit an RBI triple in the eighth and was thrown outtrying for an inside-the-park homer on a relay that went from Cruzto second baseman Ian Kinsler to Napoli. Red Sox 7, Tigers 4 At Boston, Felix Doubront pitched six inningsof four-hit ball, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia homered as Bostondowned Detroit. The victory was tainted by an injury to 2008 American League mostvaluable player Dustin Pedroia, who left in the fifth inning with ajammed right thumb. The Tigers played most of the game withoutmanager Jim Leyland and third-base coach Gene Lamont, ejectedfollowing a disputed foul tip in the second.

Indians 8, Royals 5 At Cleveland, Jose Lopez had three RBIs, JasonKipnis drove in two runs and Josh Tomlin (2-2) gave up four runsand four hits in five innings as Cleveland beat Kansas City broke athree-game losing streak. Kipnis had a two-run single in a five-run third inning off NateAdcock (0-3) as the first-place Indians maintained a half-game leadin the AL Central over the White Sox. Cleveland had lost three in arow at Chicago over the weekend.


Angry crowd targets hq of egypt’s ‘candidate for stability,’ citingvote fraud – Sennheiser In Ear Headphone Manufacturer

Protesters who gathered last night in Tahrir Square , the focal point of last year s uprising, said that the militaryrulers were rigging elections to ensure the victory of Shafiq, aformer Air Force commander who is seen as the military s preferredcandidate. There was fraud this never would have happened withoutfraud, said a protester who gave his name as Mohamed. A crowd ofaround 1,000 chanted slogans against Shafiq, Morsi, and themilitary rulers. I can’t support Shafiq, and I can’t supportMorsi, he added. Protesters said they were also angry that theyhad to choose between a member of the former regime or a member ofthe Muslim Brotherhood, which has sought to dominate the Egyptianpolitical scene. Beats By dr Dre Solo HD Headphones

Yesterday the Supreme Presidential Election Council announced ithad rejected all appeals filed by candidates who alleged thatviolations and fraud had affected the vote count. The electioncommission s decision cannot be appealed. Such a speedy rejection just four days after polls closed, seemingly without time for athorough investigation of the allegations angered some.Candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who came in fourth, said hewould have rejected the election results even if he had come infirst place. He cited violations that included his campaignrepresentatives being kept from observing the vote counting, andbribes paid to voters. Some questioned the commission s integrity after it disqualifiedseveral leading contenders in April. Sennheiser In Ear Headphone Manufacturer

The head of the commission,Farouk Sultan, was appointed by Mubarak to head of the SupremeConstitutional Court in 2009. Critics say he is a loyalist to theformer regime, pointing to his swift rise to such a lofty post.Though Shafiq was one of those disqualified, the commissionreinstated him while denying appeals from others. The commission s rejection of all appeals except Shafiq s causedsuspicion, says Mustapha Kamel Al Sayyid, a political scienceprofessor at the American University in Cairo . I think this gives grounds for people to cast doubt on theneutrality and objectivity of the commission.” But some Egyptians accused the protesters of being sore losers. Monster Beats By Dre Studio Headphones Manufacturer

They should go home; the time for protests is over, said MagdiIsmail Monday night as he gestured toward Tahrir Square. His carwas stuck in traffic caused by the protest. If you vote, you haveto accept the results.

Everest climber motivated by more than a personal dream – Sennheiser CX Earphones Manufacturer

Like many Canadians, I was shocked by the news that a Canadian haddied during an attempt to scale Mount Everest earlier this month. The shock was compounded when I learned that it was 33-year-oldShriya Shah-Klorfine from Mississauga, Ont., who had succumbed onthe mountain. She was someone I’d had the pleasure of meeting on afew occasions. She had actually invited me to one of her fundraisers for theEverest climb and I remember thinking, “Why would anyone want to dothis?” But Shriya’s reasoning to attempt Everest like so many of thethings that appeared to motivate her was a mix of the personaland the public, something that has often been lost in many of thestories I’ve read about her in recent days. In an interview she did with OMNI TV, just a few days before sheleft for her expedition, Shriya set out some of her personal goals,revealing that when she was nine, she saw Everest’s summit during ahelicopter ride with her parents.

She asked her parents then why they weren’t climbing the mountain,and they explained that it was very difficult to do. That was whenthe little girl told her father that she was one day going to climbMount Everest. It was the start of a lifelong dream. But with this dream also came another goal. She had hoped to be thefourth woman, and the first South Asian woman from Canada, to reachthe peak, and not just for her own gratification.

She spoke about visualizing herself at the top of the mountain andthe pride of hoisting the Canadian flag at the mountain top, forher new home that she loved so much. Shriya Shah-Klorfine, shown here a Facebook picture taken atEverest’s base camp on May 12, a week before died while descendingthe mountain. (Canadian Press) Shriya was born in Nepal, in Kathmandu. She grew up in Mumbai,India, and saw the world by working on cruise ships before movingto Canada to be with her husband. Beats By dr Dre Solo HD Headphones

This country gave her tremendous opportunities and that wassomething she never forgot. She started a successful import business. She was active in women’sorganizations, children’s groups and, more recently, became apolitical advocate as a business woman. Last year, she was a candidate in the Ontario election inMississauga East-Cooksville for the Paramount Canadians Party, anew fringe party with a pro-family, pro-immigration bent. Climbed for Canada Very little of this has been reported over the last 10 days in thecoverage of Shriya’s death. Sennheiser CX Earphones Manufacturer

Most reports simply said she was aCanadian woman, and that’s it. In some she wasn’t even that. When NBC’s Today Show covered this story, the hosts referred to her repeatedly as aNepalese woman. A careless omission of the fact that she was aCanadian citizen and was taking on this challenge, as she saw it,for her new country. Shriya had hoped to use her expedition to raise funds for Toronto’sHospital for Sick Children. Branded Headphones Manufacturer

Unfortunately she didn’t raise enough money. In fact she incurred ahuge debt to make the trek and had to mortgage her home to pay forit. “It was her lifelong dream” to reach the summit of the world’stallest peak, says Shelly Siddoo, Shriya’s best friend, and thelast of her friends and family to speak to her. Siddoo says they spoke regularly during Shriya’s 18-day trek.Shriya told her that she was going to take the lessons from Everestand use them to become a motivational speaker at schools. “She had big plans,” Siddoo says.

She wanted to use her experienceto tell children to go after their dreams, to work hard, to bedisciplined, to live life to the fullest. Full of promise In one of their conversations, after a particularly hard day ofclimbing for Shriya, when her knee was hurting her, Siddooexpressed her concerns to her friend. But Shriya told her that “inlife we face many mountains, and just remember that you have totake one step at a time.” In this case, Shriya did make it to the top one step at a time. Shedid fulfil her dream. She died on her descent, because she ran out of oxygen andcollapsed from exhaustion.

Ten people have died on Everest just this season alone, and somemountaineering experts have described Shriya as a victim of”climber congestion” too many climbers on the trek at the sametime. Take a look at the pictures of the climber congestion that havebeen circulating this week the hundreds of climbers all in a row as though waiting in line for a ride at Canada’s Wonderland. Many of these people walked past Shriya’s body, and you have towonder what went through their minds. Shriya lived her life fearlessly and with passion, something I sawat our first meeting.

She contacted me last year when my father was in hospital battlingcancer. She sent me a kind note saying that while we didn’t knoweach other, she wanted to extend a few words of comfort and, if wedidn’t mind, she’d like to come meet my father and me. She came, and we were trying to size her up. What did this womanwant? But she didn’t want anything. She just wanted to reach out topeople, whom she only knew from an online presence, in our momentof weakness and confusion.

She spent a Sunday afternoon in the hospital room talking to usabout Nepal, local and international politics, her passion forCanada and her desire to help make this a better country. This is who she was, a young woman of the world, full of life, fullof promise.

Former british pm blair denies being too close to media mogulmurdoch – Branded Headphones

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blairon Monday gave evidence at a public inquiry into the ethics andbehavior of the British press and said that he had never done adeal with media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Blair, who was prime minister from 1997 to 2007, denied being tooclose to Murdoch, head of News Corporation (NC). NC owns substantial and influential parts of the British mediaincluding market leader newspapers, the daily The Sun, the weeklySunday Times, and the now-defunct Sunday The News of the World, aswell as the principal satellite TV provider BSkyB. Blair spoke at the Leveson Inquiry, a judicial inquiry set up byPrime Minister David Cameron after revelations that The News of theWorld had hacked the phone of a schoolgirl murder victim. Questioning touched on Blair’s relationship with Murdoch. Beats By dr Dre Solo HD Headphones

“I would describe my relationship to him as a working relationshipuntil I left office,” said Blair, adding that it was after he leftoffice in 2007 that he became a godparent to one of Murdoch’schildren. Blair said he had taken a strategic decision to manage the worstexcesses of the British press rather than confront them. To take on the media would “have been an absolute majorconfrontation and you would have virtually every corner of themedia against you. The price you would pay for that would push outthe things I cared more about,” he said. Branded Headphones

He added that British media groups had “a substantial power,” andthat after his Labor Party had been defeated in four consecutivegeneral elections, he had to take this into consideration. “Their power is significant. They have readerships of three to fourmillion,” he said, adding that they had to be taken into account byany party leader interested in winning power. As Blair gave evidence, a protester broke into the guardedcourtroom, through a secure corridor. The protester, who afterwards said he was opposed to the 2003 IraqWar, shouted, “This man should be arrested for war crimes; the manis a war criminal.” He was taken away by police and security guards, and laterarrested, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Service said. Sony MDR In Ear Headphones

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justiceon Monday to protest. Blair’s appearances at public inquiries inBritain have become the focus for public anger and protest over theIraq War. Hundreds of protesters gathered for Blair’s appearance at thebeginning of 2011 in front of a judicial inquiry into the Iraq War,and his evidence inside the inquiry was met with heckling of “liar”and “murderer.” There have been other disruptions recently of public inquiries inBritain when they involve high-profile figures. An appearance by Murdoch at a House of Commons inquiry into pressstandards last year saw him being attacked by a protester whothrust a foam pie into his face, before being beaten off by hisChinese wife Wendy Murdoch.

Wharnsby: bob hoffmeyer one of devils’ many loyal scouts – Audio Technica Portable Headphones Manufacturer

Climbing back into the saddle for the Stanley Cup final never getsold for the New Jersey Devils, especially if you have been aroundthe organization as long as pro scout Bob Hoffmeyer. Hoffmeyer is only 56 years old, but he’s been a member of theDevils family longer than general manager Lou Lamoriello has beenwith New Jersey, and Lamoriello recently celebrated his 25thanniversary with the team. “I think it’s safe to say that Lou’s time with the Devils has beena little more important,” Hoffmeyer said with a chuckle. “But thereis nothing old hat about returning to the Stanley Cup final. It’sexactly why you play or exactly why you put in the extra work.

“I never got to experience a Stanley Cup as a player, but in theminors and juniors I played in a few Game 7s, and I will neverforget how much fun it was. It’s still extremely exciting to be apart of this.” Hoffmeyer and the Devils will make their fifth trip back to thefinal as an organization, when they open the 2012 championshipseries at home against the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday (CBC,, 8 p.m. ET). The native of Dodsland, Sask. — a village about three hours westof Saskatoon — hopes to add a fourth Stanley Cup ring to go withtitles from 1994-95, 1999-2000 and 2002-03.

One of the Devils’ strengths has been their scouting staff. Peoplelike executive vice-president of hockey operations David Conte,Claude Carrier, Marcel Pronovost, Fern Flaman, Dan Labraaten, LouReycroft and Hoffmeyer have been with the organization for a longtime. Hoffmeyer remarked that there is plenty of loyalty betweenLamoriello and his scouts. Lamoriello said the loyalty goes bothways. “Loyalty is a two-way street,” Lamoriello told Gord Stellick and Ion Hockey Night in Canada radio on Monday. Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

“We have tremendous scouts here like David Conte. He’s had anumber of opportunities to move on, but he takes tremendous pridein what he does. He has autonomy and we work very closely. I feelthat way with all our scouts. They all have tremendousresponsibilities and they’re good at what they do. Audio Technica Portable Headphones Manufacturer

At any time,they can be game changers. “Bob Hoffmeyer is a good example. We were looking for a role playerseveral years ago. Bob was in Columbus. Sennheiser In Ear Headphone Manufacturer

I get a call from him andsaid ‘I may have found what we’re looking for.’ We gave up afourth-round pick and that player scored some big goals for us.” That player was Grant Marshall. He scored six goals in the Devils’march to the 2003 Stanley Cup. Patrolling the blue-line Hoffmeyer, a defenceman, was a fifth-round pick of the ChicagoBlackhawks in 1975 and spent five seasons in their system. Heplayed a year in Germany before returning at the end of the 1980-81season to sign as a free agent with the Philadelphia Flyers. Eventually, Hoffmeyer patrolled the blue line for the Devils in themid-1980s, but after a knee injury forced him into retirement, heaccepted a job as the Devils’ advance scout in Oct.

1985. He laterspent time as an assistant coach with New Jersey and theirminor-league affiliate in Utica. He briefly left to coach hisjunior team, the Saskatoon Blades, at the end of the 1990-91season, and then took a head coaching position with the KalamazooWings. Hoffmeyer returned to the New Jersey organization as the team’s proscout in the mid-1990s and he has been in that role since.Although, we should mention that he came out of retirement to playfor the Devils’ AHL affiliate a decade after his last pro game.

The Albany River Rats were in Cornwall on March 14, 1996, andHoffmeyer was in the area to check in on the Devils prospects. Butafter an afternoon spent at the hotel working on his reports and atrip through the Burger King drive-thru to fuel up before the gamehe was about to scout, he got a surprise when he got to the rink.The River Rats had lost some players to injury and to call-ups. “I ordered the biggest Whopper they had and I was still wiping thegrease off my chin when I was walking across the parking lot,”Hoffmeyer recalled. “I visited the dressing room, and one of theguys said ‘there’s our extra defenceman.’ “When I was told they were short, I went to find [River Rats headcoach] Robbie Ftorek. He was up on the concourse taking his usuallynightly walk to sort out his thoughts.

Robbie phoned Lou on a payphone to see if it was all right for me to play. Lou said ‘I guessso,’ and Robbie hung up before Lou could change his mind.” By the time Hoffmeyer went through the players’ extra equipment tofind some stuff he could use, he made it out on to the ice for thefinal five minutes of warm-up. “That’s all I needed. I didn’t wantto peak too early,” he said.

The River Rats lost 7-0 that evening, but Hoffmeyer, at age 40,only was a minus-one. He asked Ftorek afterwards if he wanted touse him again in the next game. But the high-strung Ftorek didn’tanswer as he boarded the bus. It was back to scouting for good for Hoffmeyer. End of Story Content Back to accessibility links.

Football: criscito ditched by italy amid match-fixing probe – China Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

ROME – Domenico Criscito was on Monday dropped from Italy’s Euro2012 squad after his room at the side’s training camp was searchedby police as part of a match-fixing probe that also saw Laziocaptain Stefano Mauri arrested. Italian football federation vice-president Demetrio Albertini saidthe decision was taken jointly by the association and national teamcoach Cesare Prandelli, despite prosecutors insisting that Criscitowas not charged and was free to play. “He (Criscito) is disappointed about the repercussions on thenational team and the dressing room,” said Albertini. “He explainedcertain things to me and I believe his version and in hisinnocence.” The search of Criscito’s room came as police swooped in a series ofdawn raids up and down the country, targeting a number of topplayers as part of an investigation into alleged match-fixing. The investigation — the latest to hit Italian football — comes onthe day Prandelli was due to announce his final squad for theshowpiece tournament in Poland and Ukraine in just over two weeks’time.

The public prosecutor in Cremona, Stefano Di Martino, said threeSerie A matches — Bari-Sampdoria, Lecce-Lazio and Lazio-Genoa –were being investigated as well as seven or eight matches involvingSiena last season when they were in Serie B. Two million euros (US$2.5 million) was won on the Lecce-Lazio matchand 600,000 euros was used to bribe players, he added. Lazio skipper Mauri was one of 19 people implicated in theinvestigation, which is believed to be centred on the payment ofplayers by betting syndicates masterminded in Singapore. Criscito’s agent, Andrea D’Amico, added that Criscito, who did nottrain with his team-mates on Monday morning, was calm and claims tohave simply met with his ex-club’s fans following a derby defeat toSampdoria. In May last year, Criscito, who now plays for Zenit St Petersburgin Russia, is alleged to have met with then-Genoa team-mateGiuseppe Sculli, two heads of the club’s “ultra” fans and a Bosnianwith a criminal record in a restaurant in the city.

Cremona prosecutors asked for an arrest warrant for Sculli, 31, butthat was rejected by the preliminary investigation judge. Conte, who guided Juve to their first Serie A title since 2003, isbeing investigated over his time as coach of Siena in Serie B lastseason. “Conte has reacted as someone completely removed and stronglydetermined to show he has nothing to do with these accusations,”said Conte’s agent, Antonio De Rencis. Of the 19 people targeted by the raids, 14 were arrested, threeplaced under house arrest and two ordered to present themselves toa police station. Eleven are either current or former players, mostly from Italy’stop four divisions. Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

As well as 32-year-old Mauri, former Genoa and Fiorentinamidfielder Omar Milanetto, 36 who is now with Padova in Serie B,was arrested. Chievo captain Sergio Pellissier also had his homesearched. Five Hungarians, two who were arrested and three more alreadybehind bars, are believed to have had contacts with a group of”Zingari” — Gypsies in Italian — and the chiefs in Singapore tomanipulate Italian matches. The fall-out to the so-called “Calcioscommesse” — football betting– investigation has been felt since last year with severalhigh-profile names implicated. China Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Previous corruption scandals in the Italian game have done littleto hinder the national side. The 1980 “Totonero” scandal saw AC Milan and Lazio relegated toSerie B while star striker Paolo Rossi was banned for two years. Hecame back just in time to be Italy’s hero in their 1982 World Cupvictory. In 2006, Juve were relegated and stripped of their 2005 and 2006titles for interfering with the referees’ commission. Ludacris Soul Headphones Manufacturer

Just over amonth later, Italy won their fourth World Cup. – AFP/ir.

Oldest jewish archaeological evidence on the iberian peninsula – China AKG Foldable Headphones

“The organic material of the antlers could be dated byradiocarbon analysis with certainty to about 390 AD,”excavation leader Dr. Dennis Graen of the Jena University explains.”Therefore we have a so-called ‘terminus ante quem’ for theinscription, as it must have been created before it got mixed inwith the rubble with the antlers.” The earliest archaeological evidence of Jewish inhabitants in theregion of modern-day Portugal has so far also been a tomb slab witha Latin inscription and an image of a menorah — a seven-armedchandelier — from 482 AD. The earliest Hebrew inscriptions knownuntil now date from the 6th or 7th Century AD. For three years the team of the University Jena has been excavatinga Roman villa in Portugal, discovered some years ago by JorgeCorreia, archaeologist of the Silves council, during anarchaeological survey near the village of São Bartolomeu deMessines (Silves). Ludacris Soul Headphones

The project was aiming at finding out how andwhat the inhabitants of the hinterland of the Roman province ofLusitania lived off. While the Portuguese coast region has beenexplored very well, there is very little knowledge about thoseregions. The new discovery poses further conundrums. “We wereactually hoping for a Latin inscription when we turned round theexcavated tomb slab,” Henning Wabersich, a member of theexcavation reports. After all, no inscriptions have been found sofar and nothing was known about the identity of the inhabitants ofthe enclosure. China AKG Foldable Headphones

Only after long research the Jena Archaeologists found out whichlanguage they were exactly dealing with, as the inscription was notcut with particular care. “While we were looking for expertswho could help with deciphering the inscription between Jena andJerusalem, the crucial clue came from Spain” Dennis Graensays. “Jordi Casanovas Miró from the Museu Nacionald’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona — a well-known expert for Hebrewinscriptions on the Iberian Peninsula — is sure that the Jewishname “Yehiel” can be read, — a name that is alreadymentioned in the Bible.” Not only is the early dateexceptional in this case, but also the place of the discovery:Never before have Jewish discoveries been made in a Roman villa,the Jena Archaelogist explains. In the Roman Empire at that time Jews usually wrote in Latin, asthey feared oppressive measures. Hebrew, as on the re-discoveredmarble plate, only came back into use after the decline of theRoman supremacy, respectively in the following time of migration ofpeoples from the 6th or 7th century AD. China Branded Headphones

“We were also mostsurprised that we found traces of Romans — romanised Lusitaniansin this case — and Jews living together in a rural area of allthings,” Dennis Graen says. “We assumed that somethinglike this would have been much more likely in a city.” Information about the Jewish population in the region in generalwas mostly passed down by scriptures. “During theecclesiastical council in the Spanish town Elvira about 300 ADrules of conduct between Jews and Christians were issued. Thisindicates that at this time there must have been a relatively largenumber of Jews on the Iberian Peninsula already,” Dennis Graenexplains — but archaeological evidence had been missing so far.”We knew that there was a Jewish community in the Middle Agesnot far from our excavation site in the town of Silves.

It existeduntil the expulsion of the Jews in the year 1497.” In the summer the Jena Archaeologists will take up their workagain. Until now they have excavated 160 square metres of thevilla, but after checking out the ground it already became clearthat the greater part of the enclosure is still covered in soil.”We eventually want to find out more about the people wholived here,” Graen explains the venture. “And of coursewe want to solve the questions the Hebrew inscription has posedus.”.