Deped: aid to public hs freshmen transferees to private schoolsoutside ncr hiked to p6,500

High school freshmen enrolling in private high schools outsideMetro Manila stand to benefit from an increase in subsidy under thegovernment”s Education Service Contracting (ESC) program. The Department of Education said the subsidy for incoming highschool freshmen in the provinces has been increased from P5,500 toP6,500 starting school year 2012 – 2013. ESC grantees in other year levels in non-NCR regions will stillreceive P5,500, it added in a news release posted on the Official Gazette website. Under the ESC, parents shoulder the balance in excess of the P6,500subsidy. “Because of higher tuition charged by private secondaryschools in Metro Manila, the subsidy per students in the NCR isP10,000 per annum,” the DepEd said. Ludacris Soul Headphones

ESC is a major component of the Government Assistance to Studentsand Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE). “To decongest public schools and make learning moreconducive, we offer ESC to private schools as a way also to helpincrease their enrolment. We likewise offer subsidy to teachers ofprivate high schools who participate in the program,” saidEducation Secretary Armin Luistro. Luistro said GASTPE benefits both public and private schools whilemaking education accessible to as many learners as possible. Sennheiser CX Earphones Manufacturer

The management of GASTPE is contracted to the Fund for Assistanceto Private Education (FAPE), a perpetual trust fund created by anagreement between the Philippine and United States governments. Luistro as Education Secretary chairs the FAPE. Education voucher system Meanwhile, the DepEd is set to expand the coverage of ESC after theEducation Voucher System (EVS) is phased out by school year2014-2015 or as soon as the last batch of present beneficiariesgraduates. The EVS is a version of ESC, where a voucher is issued in the nameof the student-beneficiary. China SMS 50 Cent Headphones

Under it, the payment of subsidy under the ESC is channeleddirectly to the school. EVS started in 2006 to increase enrolment in private high schools,which also need government assistance to maintain their viabilityand remain government partners in the delivery of education. Figures from School Year 2011-2012 show that total governmentsubsidy under both schemes amount to over P4.2 billion. To date, Luistro said there are 637,794 ESC grantees while EVS has59,914 for a total of 697,708 beneficiaries enrolled in 2,580participating schools nationwide. — ELR, GMA News.


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