Australia. stormy lifejackets launch range of 300 newton life vests – Cell Phone LCD Screens

Stormy Lifejackets have just released a range of live vests thatexceed the ISO 275 Newton rating, to offer a staggering 300N ofbuoyancy. These new vests have been developed for recreationalboating, sailing and commercial industries and are available withand without the ISO12401 deck harness. Newtons are the units that measure the upward force in water tooppose the weight of an immersed object. The 300N range isdeveloped to adequately float weights over 120 kilograms. Thereforethese products are ideal to for larger, heavier individuals in anoverboard emergency.

They are also suited to those wearing heavywet weather clothing, or workers that are required to wear a toolbelt or protective clothing The range consists of the Life Vest Premium 300N, Life Vest Premium300N with Harness; and the Life Vest Pro 300N. All products use a 60 gram C02 cylinder and come as water activatedinflation as standard, but with the option to easily change tomanual only inflation if desired. An oral inflation tube is also standard. All Life vests have a hard-wearing outer layer, sealed on the sideswith Velcro.

The large inflation chamber expands from the side onactivation to provide buoyancy. It is also marked with High Vismarkings and has signal whistle to aid in drawing attention when inthe water. Stormy Lifejackets have a long and proud history of innovation, anddeveloping new products to bring to market, and is proud of thisnew edition to their inflatable Personal Floatation Device range. “Stormy Lifejackets have always been motivated to save livesby designing lifejackets that are worn not stowed””said Helen Moore, Managing Director and Chief Designer of StormyLifejackets. “The success of Stormy Lifejackets in the recreationalboating, sailing and commercial industries has proven the qualityof our product range. Samsung LCD Screens

Using our proven designs and increasing thebuoyancy of our inflatable PFD”s was a logicalprogression,” said Helen. The Life Vest Premium 300N has a back mesh panel and lined collarto provide a non-restrictive and comfortable fit whilst providingunrivalled safety for all boating. It uses a heavy duty waist beltwith a leg strap to adjust buoyancy angle in the water and has alifting loop to aid rescue. The Harness version has D-ring includedto be suitable for sailing or commercial working environments. The Life Vest Pro 300N is a sailing specific product thatreplicates the features of the Premium 300N with Harness, but hasthe added features of an expanding spray hood and a SOLAS approvedwater activated light. Cell Phone LCD Screens

All Stormy Lifejackets can be adapted to include pockets for safetyequipment or embroidery for customisation in the Hobartmanufacturing factory. The 300N range is also available in fireresistant and fire retardant materials for commercial industriesand are custom built to exact requirements. Stormy Lifejackets Pty Ltd are an innovative Australian companythat have been saving lives since 1993. Their mission is to developlife jackets, life vests and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) thatare worn not stowed. Stormy have developed market leading safety products that areunrestrictive, practical and easy to wear. China Nokia LCD Screens

Their core range ofinflatable clothing will keep users warm out of the water, but mostimportantly will float someone in an overboard emergency. Eighteen years of award winning research, innovation and refinementof performance inflatable clothing has led to full ISOaccreditation for their range of life jackets, life vests and‘yoke” style PFDs with and without deck harnesses. Afull commercial range is also available for a number of industries. Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 May 2012 ).


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