Canada body parts victim was suspect’s chinese gay lover, policesay – Sony MDR In Ear Headphones

MONTREAL – The victim in the Canada body parts case was a Chinese studentstudying at Concordia University in Montreal who was in arelationship with Luka Rocco Magnotta, the wanted fugitive andchief suspect in the case. Police confirmed to the French language La Presse newspaper late Thursday that 33-year-old Lin Jun — from the eastern Chinesecity of Wuhan — is the victim in the case, as the search for29-year-old Magnotta went global amid reports he had fled toFrance. A senior French police official said Friday he is “sure” that LukaRocco Magnotta is currently in France. Another French policeofficial said Magnotta apparently flew to Paris from Montreal lastweekend. Police said Magnotta and Lin were in a romantic relationship, andthat they lived close to each other in Montreal, according to theToronto Star.

Lin arrived in the city in July 2011 and was admitted to ConcordiaUniversity. A spokesman for the consulate, Xu Xin, said a man whofit Lin’s description was then reported missing by relatives May24. The consulate is now working to notify Lin’s family in China toadvise them of the case. Police also sought the help of Interpol onThursday amid reports Magnotta — a former stripper and porn actor– had boarded a plane to France. Magnotta was listed on the Interpol website Thursday as a fugitive29-year-old male from Scarborough, Canada, measuring 5ft 10in tallwith blue eyes and brown hair.

Police had earlier issued a nationwide arrest warrant for Magnottaand authorities have asked the public for help in tracking himdown. He is accused of posting a hand and a foot to the ConservativeParty headquarters and the Liberal Party headquarters in Ottawa. The mystery began Tuesday when a package with blood on the outsideand containing a decomposing left human foot arrived at theConservative Party headquarters near Parliament Hill. Police saidit was addressed to the party and not to a specific person. Beats By Dr Dre Wireless Headphones

The left hand, found in a package Tuesday night at an Ottawa postalterminal, was addressed to the Liberal Party headquarters, theCanadian Broadcasting Corporation reported. On Tuesday, police discovered a man’s torso stuffed into a suitcaseand dumped on a pile of garbage behind the apartment complex. The CTV Television Network reported that a note was found in thepackage with the left foot. The note said that a total of six bodyparts had been sent out and the person behind the dismembermentwould kill again. Sony MDR In Ear Headphones

Both Canada Post and the police are now working to find those fourother body parts, CTV added. Magnotta is also believed to have uploaded a video of the killingto a Canada-based website on May 25. The video, which police believe is genuine, was dubbed “1 Lunatic 1Ice Pick.” It shows the perpetrator stabbing the victim with an icepick and dismembering the victim. It also appears to show cannibalism and sexual acts carried outupon the corpse. Monster Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

The 10-minute-long video attracted 300,000 hits injust four hours on Thursday.


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