Local students surprise retiring principal with flash mob – Led Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. — As Oak Grove Elementary Principal Cris Flippen gets ready to hangup the chalk, all 500 students at the school wanted to send her outwith a bang – and a smile. So Tuesday morning, during whatshe thought was just their annual awards assembly, they surprisedher with a special flash mob performance of the hit song”Smile” by Uncle Kracker, complete with singing,choreography, and props. “I think that it was obvious that I was completelyshocked,” said Flippen. High Power Led Flood Lights

“Mrs. Howell, our fabulousmusic teacher, has not even been able to have music because of ourSOL testing inside her room – so that they were able to getthis together was just unbelievable.” Students and teachers spent the past four weeks putting it togetherin secret – learning lyrics and dance moves in music class,making signs in art class, and practicing in their regularclassrooms. “The students definitely embraced it,” said GloriaHowell, Music Teacher at Oak Ridge and one of the minds behind theflash mob. “And for all 500 of them to keep it a secret,that”s pretty amazing.” It showed in Flippen”s tear-filled eyes. “I told the students that we would know if we were successfulif Mrs. Led Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

Flippen had to get a tissue and she had difficulty gettingher thoughts together at the end,” said Howell. “So Ithink we were successful.” If that weren”t enough, the students also gave her a book andbox full of their ideas for how she should spend her retirement. One student suggested she “go out for ice cream and win thelottery.” But whatever her future holds, Flippen says she goes into ithumbled, blessed, and with a big smile on her face. “This is why my job has been fabulous for 37 years,”said Flippen. “Working with creative people like this andchildren.”. Led Fluorescent Tubes


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