Done deal: cbs gives green light to sitcom based on groupon – China Industrial Mini Keyboard

Daily deal giant Groupon is known for its peculiar sense of humor.There was the time the site “bought” April Fool’s Day . The introduction of marketing gimmicks like the creepy virtual discount wheel called “Clicky” can only be attributed to some offbeat sense of what’samusing. And of course, from the beginning, subscribers have beenreading Groupon’s trademark absurdist, careful-not-to-offend descriptions for deals arriving in their in-boxes. The fact that there’sa network sitcom in the works featuring Groupon is apparently nojoke, however. Groupon has been enjoying quite a rollercoaster ride lately.”Enjoying” probably isn’t the right word. Panel Mount Keyboard

Afterreporting a loss of $42.7 million for the fourth quarter of 2011,the company’s stock price tanked , rapidly dropping 15% in early February, when a share was sellingfor about $20. Since then, amid concerns that Groupon was being poorly run andthat, in the words of CEO Andrew Mason during a meeting in which he apologized for drinking too much beer , the company needed to grow up, Groupon’s stock hasplummeted further. It recently dipped below $10, before surging to over $14 a share earlier this week after announcing better-than-expected salesfigures. ( MORE: Groupon’s Reward Program, Appropriately Named ‘GrouponRewards,’ Rolls Out Nationally ) Groupon can expect even more drama in the months ahead, whenit’ll be featured prominently in a new comedy just picked upby CBS. China Industrial Mini Keyboard

Entertainment Weekly reports that the network, which once brought viewers theshort-lived William Shatner sitcom inspired by a Twitter feedcalled “$#*! My Dad Says,” has given the green light toa new show called “Friend Me.” Despite the name, it hasnothing to do with Facebook which, one might surmise, wanted no part of the enterprise butinstead is about two best friends who work for Groupon. In addition to the hamfisted Groupon-Facebook confusion, the showis set in Los Angeles , roughly 2,000 miles away from Groupon’s headquarters inChicago. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (the geeky guy who played thememorable “McLovin” in “Superbad”) willstar. Earlier, it was reported that Groupon had nothing whatsoever to do with the pilot for”Friend Me,” and it’s unclear how, if at all, thecompany will be involved going forward. Standard Touch Kiosk

( MORE: Are Sitcoms Thriving Because the Economy Is So Troubled? ) Based on what we know about “Friend Me,” as well asHollywood’s recent history taking liberties with real-worldtech company stories (see: “The Social Network”),it’s a good bet that the company featured in the new sitcomwill be based on Groupon in extremely loose fashion. In fact, itmight have next to nothing in common with the company. But theprominent use of “Groupon” in the show should generatesome buzz, which CBS and Groupon alike should enjoy. No word yet onwhen “Friend Me” will air. Brad Tuttle is a reporter at TIME.

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Nebraska’s gop senate primary: another tea party surprise? – Cryolipolysis Machine

Instead, this race along with some other states’ primaries thisyear has become a battleground showcasing schisms in theRepublican Party, including among tea party activists. And now, the surge of momentum seems to be going to an unlikelycandidate, rancher and state Sen. Deb Fischer, who is running forstatewide office for the first time, on a shoestring budget. Ms. Fischer’s campaign has been bolstered in recent days by anendorsement from Sarah Palin , $200,000 worth of anti-Bruning ads in the past weekend from a”super PAC” controlled by Chicago Cubs co-owner Joe Ricketts , and an ad campaign of her own that gained significant attention.The ad features two large bulls tagged with her opponents’ names Bruning and state Treasurer Don Stenberg and asks voters,”tired of political bull?” Now, despite millions spent on behalf of her opponents’ campaignsand her own relative lack of funds, Fischer seems to have a chanceof winning. IPL Laser Machines

Polling is relatively sparse, but one automated surveyconducted Sunday by the polling firm We Ask America showed Fischerin first place with 39 percent, compared with Bruning’s 34 percentand 18 percent for Mr. Stenberg. A second poll, commissioned by Fischer-backer Ricketts, showedFischer in a close second place, at 35 percent to Bruning’s 38percent. “Some Republicans in the state are less comfortable withBruning and don t know that Stenberg is the best person to runagainst Bob Kerrey, and that s created opening for DebFischer,” says Michael Wagner , a political scientist at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln . Still, Professor Wagner cautions that the recent polls saynothing about who was polled and what was asked, and are fairlyunreliable. Cryolipolysis Machine

“It could well be that the race is getting closer,but we have no way of knowing,” he says. The campaign has garnered attention and a lot of outside money,mostly directed toward either Bruning or Stenberg because of theimportance of the seat to Republican hopes of regaining control ofthe Senate. If the Obama-Biden ticket is reelected, Republicans need to flip four seats to winSenate control, and Nebraska is one of their best shots. (If a Republican wins the White House , the GOP vice president becomes Senate president, empowered tobreak ties. In that case, Republicans would need a net gain ofthree seats.). Ultrasonic Beauty Machine Manufacturer

05/16/12 – all leisure group announces acquisition of page &moy – China Pipe Inspection Camera

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 All Leisure Group announced that it has reached an agreement withthe shareholders of Page & Moy Travel Group Limited to acquire,on a debt free basis, 100% of the share capital of Page & MoyTravel Group. The consideration will be a total of 4.2 million, beforededuction of Page & Moy Travel Group s transaction costs,payable in cash. The consideration will be funded with a 5.8million loan from a consortium of individual investors. Summary information on the Acquisition Page & Moy Travel Group, a leading tour operator offeringholidays to a wide range of overseas destinations, has beenoffering a broad range of holidays, including touring holidays,city breaks, river and ocean cruises, safaris and classic railjourneys to the over-55s for more than 50 years. It currentlytrades under 3 brands, Travelsphere, Page & Moy and Just You,selling predominantly directly to its passengers from its dedicatedcall centre in Market Harborough.

In the year to 30 November 2011the group carried c. 88,000 passengers across its three brands. Background to and reasons for the Acquisition All Leisure has a consistent strategy which is to achieve growth byexploiting the increasing demand for destination-led cruiseholidays and by providing an increasing choice of other nicheholiday products into the over-55 English speaking market. TheDirectors believe that the Group’s chosen niche markets have anumber of fundamental attractions: Significant barriers to entry. The Directors believe that agrowing focus by regulators on safety and consumer protection israising the barriers to entry for those wishing to enter theGroup’s markets.

This is benefiting established brands with strongbalance sheets. High levels of repeat business. The Group enjoys significantrepeat passenger business, underlining the benefits of customerloyalty. In realising this strategy, organic growth opportunities will becomplemented by strategic acquisitions, reinforcing existingpositions as well as increasing All Leisure s exposure to new andattractive markets. Rationale for the Acquisition The Board believes that the acquisition of Page & Moy TravelGroup is wholly aligned with this strategy and has excellentcommercial rationale, as it both reinforces the Group s existingpositions, offering holidays to customers in the same age profile,and increases All Leisure s exposure to new markets. Small Hidden Spy Cameras

Theadvantages of this transaction include, but are not limited to: – Page & Moy Travel Group has a large UK customer databasewhich is compatible with All Leisure s. The enlarged group willhave access to a list of nearly 4 million households (mainly 55 andover) and this is expected to lower the cost of customeracquisition – Opportunities for greater cross selling across brands,particularly to fill All Leisure s expanded cruise programme – Reducing dependency on the cruise market, and introducing morebalanced global destinations such as China and North America – Providing numerous synergies across the two businesses – Strong use of scheduled flights will reduce transport costs forfly cruises – Majority of enlarged business will be direct and with both AllLeisure and Page & Moy Travel Group having high level of repeatbusiness. – Significant trading losses historically which should result infuture corporation tax savings. Financial information on the Acquisition In the year to 30 November 2011, Page & Moy Travel Group srevenue was 107.6 million an operating loss of 5.6m and,following the one-off impairment in full of the company s goodwillof 35.6 million, a loss before tax of 45.1 million. China Pipe Inspection Camera

Thefinancial statements for the year ended 30 November 2011 weresigned on completion of the deal and will be filed at CompaniesHouse within the statutory time limits. As at 30 November 2011, Page & Moy Travel Group had fixedassets of 4.4 million, including freehold property valued at 3.6 million, and net current assets of 3.1 million. Effect on All Leisure Page & Moy Travel Group has a good new management team and istargeting a return to profitability in its current financial year.All Leisure will be working closely with them to implement anintegration plan over the coming months. The Company expects toincur significant costs this year and next year to obtain thesynergies that it is seeking as a result of the Acquisition andsubsequent integration. All Leisure will fund the consideration with the Loan, which willbe repayable over 5 years. China Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Given this outstanding debt andintegration costs, the Directors believe that a dividend isunlikely to be paid by the Company in the foreseeable future as itwill be concentrating on maximising profits and shareholder valuein the medium to long term. The directors of the Group anticipate that the Acquisition will beearnings enhancing in the first full financial year followingacquisition. This statement regarding earnings enhancement is not aprofit forecast and should not be interpreted to mean that AllLeisure s earnings per share will necessarily match or exceed thehistorical earnings of All Leisure or Page & Moy Travel Group. Principal terms of the Acquisition The Company will acquire the entire shareholding of Page & MoyTravel Group, for a consideration of 4.2 million, payableimmediately on completion and which will be funded by the Loan. Theexisting bank debt of Page & Moy Travel Group will becapitalised prior to completion, such that Page & Moy TravelGroup will be acquired on a debt free basis.

Principal terms of the Loan The Loan of 5.8 million is being provided by the Consortium,the members of which include, but are not limited to, Roger Allard,Executive Chairman of the Company, and his interests; NigelJenkins, Non-Executive Director of the Company; and David Wiles,Director of All Leisure Holidays Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company,and his interests. As such, the Loan constitutes a related party transaction pursuantto Rule 13 of the AIM Rules for Companies. The directors of AllLeisure excluding Roger Allard and Nigel Jenkins, having consultedwith the Company’s nominated adviser, Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,consider that the terms of the Loan are fair and reasonable insofaras the Company’s shareholders are concerned.

Francois hollande’s plane hit by lightning during his flightto berlin – China Scania VCI 2

Analysts are watching to see how German Chancellor Angela Merkeland Francois Hollande can overcome their differences on how toresolve the crisis. Stock markets and the euro have fallen amid continuing politicaluncertainty in Greece. The chairman of the group of eurozone finance ministers,Jean-Claude Juncker, insisted on Monday that they would do”everything possible” to keep Greece in the euro. Francois Hollande was sworn in for a five-year term at the Elysee Palace in Paris, becoming France’s first Socialist president in 17 years. In his inauguration speech, Francois Hollande said he wished todeliver a “message of confidence”. Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner

“My mandate is to bring France back to justice, open up a newpath in Europe, contribute to world peace and preserve theplanet.” The new president said he was fully aware of challenges facingFrance, which he summarized as “huge debt, weak growth,reduced competitiveness, and a Europe that is struggling to emergefrom a crisis”. Francois Hollande also said he wanted other European leaders tosign a pact that “ties the necessary reduction of deficit tothe indispensable stimulation of the economy”. “I will tell them the necessity for our continent is toprotect, in an unstable world, not only its values but itsinterests in the name of commercial exchange,” he added. After the ceremonies, Francois Hollande named Jean-Marc Ayrault,leader of the Socialist group in parliament, as his prime minister. China Scania VCI 2

Jean-Marc Ayrault, who is regarded as a Germanophile with goodcontacts in Berlin, had been widely tipped for the post. Francois Hollande, 57, has spent the past week preparing to take upthe presidency, and now the work begins in earnest. Shortly after his swearing in, Francois Hollande left for Berlin tohave dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said she wouldwelcome the new leader “with open arms”. But Angela Merkel s embrace will hide some embarrassment after sheopenly supported Nicolas Sarkozy in the election battle. China Copying Machines

“We don’t think the same on everything,” Francois Hollande acknowledged on French television on Monday. “We’ll tell each other that so that together we canreach good compromises.” Francois Hollande has demanded that a European fiscal pact thatcracked down on overspending be renegotiated to include a greateremphasis on measures to stimulate growth, while Germany insists thetreaty must be respected. Whatever their differences, the crisis in the eurozone will putthem under huge pressure to compromise, our correspondent says. As the eurozone’s two biggest economies – and biggestcontributors to its bailout funds – Germany and France arekey decision-makers over the strategy supposed to pull Europe outof crisis. According to official figures released on Tuesday morning, theFrench economy showed no growth in the first quarter of 2012.Growth in the final quarter of 2011 was also revised down to 0.1%from 0.2%.

However, Germany’s economy grew by a stronger than expected0.5% in the first three months of the year. Following his German trip, Francois Hollande will hold his firstcabinet meeting on Thursday followed by a visit to Washington tomeet US President Barack Obama on Friday.

Greenbrier classic “validated” by tiger woods appearance,rest of field revealed – Cosmetic Packaging Bag

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV — Set in the shadow of world-class resort, with performances by someof the biggest names in music, and recognition by the PGA Tour asbeing “Best in Class”, what more could The GreenbrierClassic want? “People were still saying we understand you”re best inclass, but Tiger doesn”t play there,” said Jim Justice,Owner of The Greenbrier. “So now it”s just a furthervalidation that this is the real deal.” This week, Justice announced he got the call he”s beenwaiting three years to get – Tiger Woods is coming to theGreenbrier Classic. “The most, absolutely noticeable name in sports for me, maybein my lifetime. And to have him be able to come to The Greenbrierto participate in our event, was really huge,” said Justice. Justice says Woods had initially shown interest in playing at theevent because of the resort and golf history in the area. PBL Tube

But hesays it was the “Best in Class” title that reallysealed the deal. “When we got Best in Class last year, Tiger made thestatement – he made it in jest – Best in Class? TigerWoods has got to be there,” said Justice. Justice says even he can”t believe how far the Classic hascome in just three years – from a tournament the PGAwasn”t sure would work, to a July 4 th celebration with the biggest name in the sport. “It truly surprises me in every way how fast it”s grownand how popular it is,” said Justice. “You sure workto try to please and to achieve and make your states proud.” Woods” appearance should do just that – The PGA Toursays events he plays in typically see a 30 percent bump inattendance. Cosmetic Packaging Bag

“I urge everybody, get your badges,” said Justice. “You want to see this thing. It”s going to be thegreatest show on Earth.” This year”s Greenbrier Classic runs from July 5 – July8. For more information on purchasing tickets click on the linkbelow: grclsh.html Justice gave 10 On Your Side a copy of the list with thisyear”s field. Food Flexible Packaging

Confirmed for the event are: Stuart Appleby Ricky Barnes Jonathan Byrd Patrick Cantlay Greg Chalmers John Daly Chris DiMarco David Duval Jim Furyk Brendon de Jonge Tommy Gainey Sergio Garcia Robert Garrigus Lucas Glover Bill Haas J.J. Henry Charlie Hoffman J.B. Holmes Charles Howell III Trevor Immelman Fredrick Jacobson Zach Johnson Matt Kuchar Justin Leonard Spencer Levin Davis Love III Rocco Mediate Phil Mickelson Joe Ogilvie Sean O”Hair Jeff Overton Kenny Perry Carl Petterson D.A. Points Webb Simpson Brandt Snedeker Scott Stallings D.J. Trahan Johnson Wagner Tom Watson Charlie Wi Tiger Woods Gary Woodland.

Markets drop as greek coalition talks end without agreement;election due in june

LONDON – Markets fell on the news Tuesday that coalition government talksin Greece have failed after nine days of discussions, meaning thecountry is heading for another election next month. The worry in the markets is that the next round may lead to thetriumph of parties that want to scrap the country’s bailoutagreements with international creditors, which would put Greece’smembership of the euro into jeopardy. The left-wing Syriza party,which came second in the vote on May 6, has said the draconianterms of Greece’s financial rescue agreements be scrapped orrewritten. Any faint hopes that the parties would come to an agreement weredashed when Evangelos Venizelos, the leader of the PASOK socialistparty said the talks had failed and another election would be held. “For the moment, Greek headlines rule the day,” said VassiliSerebriakov, an analyst at Wells Fargo Bank.

Having enjoyed some support early in the session, stocks in Europewere falling again, particularly in Athens, where the main exchangewas down another 4.6 percent. Among Europe’s main markets, the FTSE 100 index of leading shareswas down 0.4 percent at 5,443 while Germany’s DAX fell 1 percent to3,389. The CAC-40 in France was 0.5 percent lower at 3,044. Theeuro also fell, trading 0.3 percent lower at $1.2794. Wall Street opened steadily, helped by a strong manufacturingsurvey for the New York region and upbeat retail sales figures forApril — the Dow Jones industrial average up 0.1 percent at12,708 and the broader S&P 500 index the same rate higher at1,340.

The focus over the coming weeks will likely center on Greece. Withopinion polls showing increasing support for Syriza, analystsexpect a showdown between whatever new government comes to power inGreece and the country’s bailout rescuers. Earlier, stocks in Europe had been buoyed by the surprise news thateurozone economy did not fall into recession in the first quarterof the year. Output was flat compared with the previous three-monthperiod, better than the 0.2 percent drop that analysts had beenexpecting. GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

A drop would have put the eurozone technically back intorecession, which is defined as two consecutive quarters of economiccontraction. “In the current context, zero growth in the eurozone in the firstquarter is relatively good news,” said Marie Diron, senior economicadviser at Ernst & Young. “It suggests that the economy is notfalling off a cliff under the burden of fiscal austerity.” Asian markets fell earlier on Tuesday, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 down0.8 percent to 8,900.74, its lowest close since Feb. 3. SouthKorea’s Kospi lost 0.8 percent to 1,898.96. China Night Vision IP Cameras

Australia’s S&P/ASX200 lost 0.7 percent to 4,266.30. Mainland Chinese shares extended their losses, with the ShanghaiComposite Index hitting another three-month low, losing 0.2 percentto 2,374.90. But Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, which some analysts saidwas oversold after more than a week of losses, rebounded 0.8percent to 19,894.31. Benchmark oil for June delivery was up 2 cents to $94.80 a barrelin electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Thecontract fell $1.35 to settle at $94.78 in New York on Friday. China Cellphone Signal Jammer

___ Pamela Sampson in Bangkok contributed to this report.

Uganda may pardon joseph kony associate, official says – Huawei Wireless Modems Manufacturer

KAMPALA, Uganda – Uganda may give amnesty to a top Joseph Kony associate arrestedlast week, a government official said, in an arrangement that woulddisappoint activists who want Caesar Acellam tried for Lord’sResistance Army atrocities. Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga said late Monday the circumstancesof Acellam’s arrest — whether he was captured or gave himself up– would be crucial to a possible decision to pardon the mostpowerful LRA commander to have left the bush. “First, we are waiting for him to be brought back to Uganda to getclarity on the circumstances under which he was captured,” Kiyongasaid. “Let’s wait.

We assess each (amnesty) case on its merit. Weare waiting for him to arrive and then we will take a cool-headeddecision.” Acellam is being held in Nzara, a village in South Sudan that isthe administrative hub of Uganda’s anti-Kony operation. TheUgandans are being advised by U.S. Special Forces sent last year byPresident Barack Obama to help regional governments eliminate LRAleaders. Radhika Coomaraswamy, the top U.N.

official for children and armedconflict, said in a statement Monday that Acellam should have hisday in court. “I am encouraged by the capture of one of the worst perpetrators ofchild rights violations, and hope that the Ugandan authoritieswould not apply amnesty but instead bring him to justice,”Coomaraswamy said in the statement. “The arrest and subsequentprosecution of Acellam would send a strong message to the LRAleadership that they will be held accountable for their actions.” Uganda has an amnesty law under which some former LRA combatantshave walked free after cooperating with authorities. The law, whichcan seem to favor former rebels at the expense of their manyvictims, has created tension between justice and peace in a countryeager to move on from decades of a brutal insurgency thattraumatized millions. The International Criminal Court in 2005 indicted five LRA bosses,including Kony, a self-styled mystic who in the mid-1980s startedhis rebel group in hopes of ruling Uganda according to the TenCommandments. Android USB PC

Kony and his top associates are accused of war crimes and crimesagainst humanity. The LRA is notorious for abducting children andturning them into fighters or sex slaves, crimes that the U.S.advocacy group Invisible Children emphasized in its viral YouTubevideo that helped focus international attention on Kony. Although Acellam is not among those indicted by the ICC, Ugandanofficials say he was one of Kony’s top military strategists. Heclaims a high-school education, and in his last days as a rebel hewore the epaulets of a major general. Huawei Wireless Modems Manufacturer

Details of his arrest have been murky, with Ugandan army officialsrepeatedly denying suggestions the rebel commander turned himselfin after weeks, and possibly months, of negotiations with theUgandan army. A Ugandan army official, speaking on the condition of anonymitybecause he was not authorized to speak to a reporter, said Ugandantroops simply “picked up” Acellam from his location in the jungle,suggesting Acellam surrendered. Some analysts have expressed surprise that Acellam, who once servedas Kony’s intelligence chief and who says he spent more than 25years in the jungle, was moving with his wife and baby when he fellinto what the Ugandan army says was a carefully planned ambush.They say Acellam had long been on a list of possible LRA defectorsafter falling out with Kony over the possibility of making peacewith the Ugandan government. “The fact that Acellam has left means only radicals are left in thebush,” said Angelo Izama, a political analyst with a Kampala-basedsecurity think tank called Fanaka Kwawote. Ugandan officials say there are about 200 LRA members still atlarge, mostly in Congo. Android 4.0 MID Tablet PC

The LRA no longer has a presence in Uganda.