Mitch daniels: republicans should not mistake wisconsin’s win as a… – China VNT Turbo Controller

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Mitch Daniels says that victory of fellow Republican Governor, Scott Walker inWisconsin Recall elections does not guarantee party”s successin the November elections. He said that while Republicanpresumptive nominee, Mitt Romney Mitt Romney will most likely prevail in November, the candidate might notenjoy a strong majority in Wisconsin this fall. During an interview with Fox News according to a report by Business Insider , the top Republican figure, Mitch Daniels cautioned his partysaying it would be “a huge mistake to read Wisconsin as somegreat harbinger,” he said. Smart Car Turbocharger

“I don’t see it that way atall. It’s not even clear that Gov. Romney will be that strong inWisconsin.” Daniels stance is different from what the other Republicans areboasting. Following Walker”s victory on Tuesday, Reince Priebus, the chairman of Republican National Committee said that the win isdefinitely a sign for November. China VNT Turbo Controller

Romney, himself declared thatTuesday”s results will “echo beyond the borders ofWisconsin” and that he looks forward work with Gov. Walker inbuilding a strong America. On Friday, Priebus, reiterated his previous message. “WhatTuesday’s recall election also did showed the country that MittRomney and the GOP are in a good position to compete in Wisconsin in November, and we intend to put our best ground game on thefield”, he said during a conference call. China Komatsu Turbocharger

On the other hand, Daniels insists that the victory was merely because Walker had success incurtailing the power of public sector unions. He supportedWalker”s move to end collective bargaining rights for publicsector employees. However, he said that rather than focusing oncollective bargain, it would be “better to have constructivemessage – one of hope”. Talking of Romney, Daniels sounded confident that Walker”svictory will definitely help the candidate to run as a strongconservative in the general elections.

“The American peoplewill rightly, I think, demand to know something more than that he’snot President Obama,” Daniels said . “But secondly, he’s got to use this fall as an opportunityto build a consensus across, I hope, a big spectrum of Americans,to make the changes we need for a vibrant private sector and all ofthe good things that go with it.” Nonetheless, the news is a bad one for Obama and the race inWisconsin will definitely be a closer one than 2008.


Apple wwdc 2012 liveblog – mountain lion, retina macs, ios 6 and – Flip Key Shell

– We’re in our seats, doors are shut, presentation is aboutto start! Siri making fun of Samsung, Android codenames (JellyBean/ICS). Garageband for iPad making a love song. Siri says myemotions haven’t been coded yet. =Tim Cook is out! This is our 23rd WWDC… “this is olderthan some of you are” -400 million App Store accounts with credit cards and one clickbuying.

Largest amount of credit cards on a store. 650K apps on theApp Store. 225K apps built specifically to the iPad. -30 billion app downloads.

$5 billion payed out to App Storedevelopers. App Store operates in 120 countries around the world.Later this month: Apple is adding 30 more countries to the AppStore (155 total). -Cook says nothing makes Apple happier than people using theirhardware and software to better the world and share their latestand greatest ideas. Cook says there are heart warming purposespeople have made apps for. Caterpillar Scanner

Apple rolling video about this. Videodiscussing an app that will help the blind. Video also discussing medical teaching apps. App does 3D rendering.iPad noted as a major breakthrough for medica apps. Especially withhigher-resolution Retina Display and better/faster processing.AirBNB app being discussed. Flip Key Shell

-Video over, Cook is back out. “This is why all of us do whatwe do.” Cook thanks everyone in the developer community forall of the incredible apps that they have built for the App Store. -Cook: We are announcing “Exciting new changes to our notebooklineup” and major updates to OS X and iOS. – Schiller coming out to announce new Apple laptops! -Talking MacBook Air: it has changed the consumer notebook lineup. Volvo Vcads

-New Air: Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM, up to 2 GHZ i7. Now up to 512GB! USB3.0. USB 3.0 ports are the same as USB 2. Ports cover both types ofUSB. FaceTime HD.

Air prices are $100 on some units. Ships today! -Schiller now discussing the new MacBook Pros. New options: IvyBridge, 2.7GHZ quad core, 8GB RAM, 60% faster graphics. Kemplergraphics from NVIDIA on the 15 inch. USB 3.0 as well.

These are thespec-bumped MacBook Pro models. 4/8GB of RAM options. 1199 and 1499for 13s, 15s 1799 and 2199. New MacBook Pros shipping today well.

– Here it comes… all new laptop… The Next-GenerationMacBook Pro. Breakthrough in display engineering. RETINA DISPLAY.2880 x 1800. Highest resolution notebook display ever.Glossy… but improved.

Ships with a Retina ready version of OSX Lion. -New Version of Aperture for Retina Dispay MacBook Pro. Final CutPro X also being updated. Retina versions of Adobe Photoshop,Diablo 3, Auto Desk coming soon.

Apple is working with keydevelopers. Several battery packs and optimzations to get battery working wellwith powerful Retina Display. Up to 16GB of RAM. 768GB SSD. Twothunderbolt ports, HDMI.

FaceTime HD, dual-microphones, new stereospeakers. USB 3.0. 4.46 pounds. -Video now… Ivy and Mansfield talking the new Retina Pro. Ivetalking new thermal system with asymtrical fans.

OS X VP Federeighitalking Retina version of OS X Lion for new MBP. Schiller back for pricing/configs -Retina MacBook shipping today. -Craig Federighi out to discuss OS X Mountain Lion. Wow… looks like Apple has held back some new features in ML. -Craig discussing iCloud.

Signin with Apple ID and all apps areconfigured with iCloud. -Discussing Documents in the Cloud… new version of iWork withiCloud docs integration. Preview and Text Edit getting icloud docsas well. -Craig shows new “glass” designed dock.

He is demoingnew Reminders and Notes app. These sync via iCloud. DiscussingMessages with iMessage and “legacy” chat support. 100MBfile transfers supported. -Notification Center discussion and demo.

-Next: Apple is bringing Dictation to the Mac. -Now there is sharing. Share buttons to access the share sheet. -New version of Safari: fastest browser, improved URL selection,unified search/URL bar.

He is also discussing iCloud Tabs.Brand-new Tab View. Gesture swiping between tabs… just likeiOS. Demo time! W0w: New tweet sheet build into Notification Center. Nice demo withDictation.

-Incredible new “Power Nap” feature. While yourcomputer lid is shut, it will still take your email, do system/appstore updates, all iCloud downloads, and backups to Time Capsule.OPeration is totally silent. Works only on the Retina DisplayMacBook Pro and newer MacBook Airs. -Discussing AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring in Mountain Lion.

-Game Center: turn games, demo of racing game against Mr. X. -Apple is highlighting features for China. Improved Chinese inputmethods. -Mountain Lion shipping in July: $19.99.

Upgrades from Lion or SnowLeopard. Agressive. Those buying new Macs today will get freeMountain Lion. Near Final DeveloperPreview available today! IOS 6 TIME: Scott Forstall is out. Talking iOS 5: 1.5 TRILLIONnotifications push.

140 million iMessage users. -Scott introducing iOS 6 now Tentpole 1: Siri — Signifiant enhancements in iOS 6. Sportsscores. Integrates via Yahoo Sports.

Asking about individualplayers across different sports leagues. Siri also gets improved restaurant integration. OpenTableintegration (they’ve partnered). Reservations, average menuprices.

Movie-related questions. “What movies are playingat” a local theater. Watch trailers within Siri. Siri can nowlaunch apps. “Play Temple Run.” and it immediatelyopens.

Tweeting and a new feature called “Eyes Free.”Apple is working with car manufacturers to build in Siributtons into their steering wheels. BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota,more have committed to add these buttons within the next 12months. Apple is also adding English/French (Canada, eh), Spanish(Spain, Mexico, U.S.), Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Mandrain,Cantonese. Local search is now international. iPad support as well!Just like our mockup! Facebook integration announced.

System wide, tweet about Apps fromthe App Store. Redesigned iTunes and App Stores! Blue status bar,not silver -New phone features: Slide up incoming call slider to choose to bereminded to call person back or to text them a reply. WHen youreply with a message, there is a list of pre-made replies. You caneven add customs. Remind me later.

Do Not Disturb switch is insettings! Bluetooth toggle is also now more visible in settings.Fine gran controls in Do Not Disturb. Choose which phone calls thatcan come in while you are sleeping. This is super cool. FaceTime Over Cellular in iOS 6.

Phone number and Apple IDmerging… people can FaceTime your phone number and it willcome to your iPad. Same story with iMessage. Works across Macs andiOS devices. Safari: iCloud Tabs and Offline Reading list is in. Photouploading.

Smart Banners: if you go to a website who also has anapp, the developer could choose to throw a banner on Safari to beable to install the app from the App Store. Full screen Safari inlandscape. Photo Stream: shared photo streams. Easy way to share photos withyour friends.

Mail VIPs in Mail. Attach photos and videos. Openpassword-protected PDFs, attach Pull to refresh in mail. Scottsmiles.

Now discussing PassBook: this is the “Organize” app wediscussed previously. This looks like a virtual wallet. Ticketpasses: travel, movies, food, etc. New guided access features. Single app mode, so kids/studentscan’t leave apps.

Great for test taking on iPads, museumguided tours. Guided access allows people to block off certainparts of apps. NEW MAPS.. 3D mode, this works world wide. Traffic service.

Trafficview that shows where slow traffic and incidents are. Crowdsourced. Amazing turn by turn directions. Live re-routingdepending on traffic. Works from the lock screen as well…like if you are plugged into your car.

Full Siri Integration. Scott is demoing 3D (iPad + iPhone). They did fly overs to get theimagery. Vector based Maps. Very smooth, very beautiful.

Yelpintegration. Sydney Operah house. That is Flyover. Turn by Turn: Simulator Coit tower – quick routes, 3options – route 2.

Siri does Turn by turn voice. Other stuff: Game Center challenges. Redesigned Apple Store.HEaring Aids. Different Account signatures in Mail. Lost Mode forFind my iPhone.

Send phone number to find my iPhone Also Chinese updates that were in Mountain Lion. iOS Beta 6 is out today for Devs. Hits iPhone 3GS and above, iPad2,3, newest iPod touch. Tim Cook out recapping “Only Apple”.

Ultimatelypeople who do the best work of their lives to affect people aroundthe world. “Change the world” And that’s it. Related articles Apple readies revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro: Retina Display,ultra-thin design … – 9 to 5 Mac ( New Mac Pro, spec-bumped MacBook Pro specs; New AirPort Express,USB SuperDrive, Magsafes coming at WWDC ( Photos allegedly show logic board of new MacBook Pro, sportingNVIDIA GT 650M graphics (

Iran feels sanctions pain as oil income slumps « rise of theiranian … – China Silver Hoops Earrings

* Iran may see 38 percent drop in oil revenue * IMF says Iran needs $117 oil to balance books * Resilience of ordinary people tested by soaring inflation Iran’s state finances have come under unprecedented pressureand the resilience of ordinary people is being tested by soaringinflation as oil income plummets due to tightening Westernsanctions and sharply falling oil prices. Tough financial measures imposed by Washington and Brussels havemade it ever more difficult to pay for and ship oil from Iran. Itsoil output has sunk to the lowest in 20 years, cutting revenue thatis vital to fund a sprawling state apparatus. Already down by more than a quarter, or about 600,000 barrels perday, from rates of 2.2 million bpd last year, shipments of crudeoil from Iran are expected to drop further when a European Unionoil embargo takes effect on July 1. Tehran is already estimated to have lost more than $10 billion inoil revenues this year.

Causing even more pain, oil prices fell below $100 a barrel lastweek to a 16-month low amid a darkening outlook for economies inEurope, the United States and China. “This is an act of economic warfare. The sanctions are havinga big effect in cumulative terms: Iran is being locked out of theglobal financial system,” said Mehdi Varzi, a former officialat the National Iranian Oil Co. “It does appear that Iran is more amenable to negotiationsnow than it was a year ago. The West should take advantage of thismomentary situation to offer more meaningful concessions – aroad map to where this will all end,” said Varzi, now runningan energy consultancy in Britain, Varzi Energy.

Diplomats and analysts say Iran may offer the IAEA, the U.N.nuclear watchdog, increased cooperation as a bargaining chip in itsnegotiations with world powers, which resumed in April after a15-month hiatus and are to continue in Moscow on June 18-19. Basic mathematics dictate that the lower Iran’s oil exports,the higher the oil price it will need to stay in the black. According to the International Monetary Fund, Iran needs oil at$117 a barrel to balance its budget, set at $462 billion. PresidentMahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the budget was designed to decreaseIran’s dependence on oil revenues. Female Body Piercing Jewelry

Senior Iranian oil officials have acknowledged that sanctions havereduced exports but say the country has long experience of findingways around them and a drop in oil revenue is not the end of theworld. “Personally, I will be very happy if the dependence of theeconomy on oil revenue is decreased,” said an Iranian oilofficial, who requested anonymity. “We can use the sanctionsas an opportunity”. STRUCK BY SOARING PRICES International sanctions have been a fact of life in Iran fordecades and Tehran is adept at working round them. China Silver Hoops Earrings

But there are growing signs that ordinary people are feeling muchmore pain from them than in the past as inflation has soared in thelast six months. “I was struck by the high prices when I went to the grocerystore yesterday,” said Ahmad, 54, who owns a small fabricshop in Tehran’s bazaar. He said the price of apples had more than doubled in the past monthand strawberries had almost tripled to 110,000 rials per kilo, ormore than $6 at market rates. “Little by little, even fruit is becoming a luxury.” Inflation is now officially running at about 20 percent, althougheconomists say prices of the goods most Iranians worry about arerising much faster. The country is undergoing what the government has called majoreconomic surgery, in the form of cuts to the multi-billion dollarsubsidies which for years have held down the price of essentialgoods such as fuel and food. Engraved Silver Charm

The value of the rial began to slip in January and traded at around20,000 rials per dollar in February, up from 10,500 rials inDecember. It now stands at around 17,800 rials at market rateswhile the official rate is 12,260 rials to dollar. The price of petrol on the domestic market remains stable but taxiand public transport fares have gone up. Sanctions are also painfully reshaping flows of goods for smallenterprises, with one owner of an import company in Tehran sayinghe was forced to fire some workers recently after being forced tosource his purchases from China instead of Europe.

“The shift caused a great deal of financial loss for us. I amnot sure how much longer we can go on like this. We certainly willnot be able to cope if financial sanctions on Iranintensify,” the entrepreneur, who asked not be named, said. HOMELESS OIL On the export front, several big European companies have haltedpurchases of Iranian oil and others are winding down. Iran had hoped that energy-hungry China and India, both majorcustomers, would mop up much of the oil left homeless by Europeanclients.

That may not be the case. “Our impression is that China and India have not been ashelpful as the Iranians expected,” said a senior Western oilexecutive, who declined to be identified. “But it’s very difficult to get a clear picture of howmuch oil is moving because they are deliberately cutting offcommunication.” Since early April, Tehran has been hiding the destination of itsoil sales by switching off tracking systems on its tankers. But barrels counted upon arrival in Iran’s top four customers– China, India, Japan and South Korea – show a 20percent decrease, or 357,000 bpd, so far this year, according togovernment data and industry sources.

That translates into a loss in revenue of roughly $35.7 million aday, or $4.3 billion in the first four months of this year, basedon current Brent crude prices. Iranian crude is sold at a discount of several dollars per barrelto benchmark dated Brent, so the actual losses are likely to beeven higher. Some relief has come from soaring prices earlier this year as Brentso far in 2012 is averaging $116 a barrel, up from 2011′s$110, which was a record high. But reduced output and fallingprices are making things worse very quickly. From July 1, Morgan Stanley expects Iranian exports to fall by afurther 150,000 bpd while the International Energy Agency has saidthey could almost halve by 1 million bpd.

That is putting Iran on course for a huge drop in oil revenues,while those of its rivals from the Organisation of the PetroleumExporting Countries will hit a record. According to the London-based Centre for Global Energy Studies, thestrong oil price has put OPEC on a path to earn $911 billion fromoil exports this year. Iran – OPEC’s second biggest producer – could seea 39 percent decrease this year to $44 billion, while Saudi Arabiais expected to see a $3 billion increase to $294 billion. Belt tightening may be needed for Iran to withstand lower oilprices and exports after the EU sanctions take full effect.

“The only way around it will be for Iran to cut the budget,which has a lot of fat,” said Varzi. Source:

Parents say family still devastated more than a year afterdaughter’s abduction from calgary shopping mall

The parents of a 10-year-old girl who was snatched by a convictedsex offender from a Calgary mall and driven to Airdrie before beingreleased last year told court on Monday about the crime’sdevastating impact. As a mother, all you ever want to do is protect your children asbest you can, the girl s mother said in her victim impactstatement at the dangerous offender hearing for John FrancisDionne. I ve thought nothing but sadness, anxiety and my heartaching from this crime. I m emotionally drained thinking aboutthis crime and trying to relive the moment it occurred.

Thisincident is always a terrible reminder of what happened and justthinking about it makes me feel really upset. I am veryover-protective of our daughter and have trust issues with otherpeople that she is in contact with. Dionne, 43, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and impersonating apolice officer, has agreed to be declared a dangerous offender witha specific prison sentence, to be decided, followed by a 10-yearcommunity supervision order. The girl s father said in his victim statement that he still feelspartly to blame for his daughter being taken when they were brieflyseparated while shopping at Deerfoot Mall on Feb.

24, 2011. I feel partly responsible and I still feel I could have preventedit, said the father. I still feel anxiety when I think aboutthe incident and fear that it may happen again. I have lost sleepbecause of my nightmares with the whole incident and at times Ifeel stressed thinking about it. Aluminum Bicycle Wheel

Since the crime, I have been over-protective of my daughter. I nolonger trust people I don t know and I am now aware there are badpeople out there. The victim, who was not present but said in her statement read incourt by her mother, that she sometimes feels depressed and wantsto cry. I also feel paranoid, like everyone is going to take me awayagain. I am not as happy as I usually am and I hate it when I haveto talk about it because it brings back flashbacks. Aluminum Pipes

I picture mecrying and screaming my head off. I picture him driving and yellingat me and I don t know what to do, she wrote. I feel like I have knots in my stomach and I am about to throwup. Because he kissed me on my lips, I never want to lick my lipsanymore. Sometimes I get dizzy thinking about it. Aluminum Corrugated Panels

I feel so scaredmost of the time and every time I hear his name come up, I feelnaucious, sick, tired and most of all sad. I am happy that I wasreturned home safely to my family and I am so thankful. Crown prosecutor Gord Haight said in reading from an agreedstatement of facts for the dangerous offender hearing thatDionne s crimes form a pattern of retaliative behaviour over 27years, in which the girl s kidnapping is a part. He said the man physically or socially isolates his victims,inflicts serious physical or psychological violence again thevictim, and uses the victim as an object for his own personal gratification, with no regard totheir physical or psychological well-being.

He also said the offender fails to restrain his behaviour of thelikelihood of causing death or injury to other persons orafflicting severe psychological damage on others, through hisfailure to restrain his behaviour. Haight said Dionne also shows a substantial degree ofindifference to reasonably foresee consequences to other personsbecause of his behaviour. Defence lawyer Allan Fay said he has instructions from his clientto admit that, by his actions, he knew or ought to have known therewas a high degree or likelihood of psychological harm to the victimor her family. Previously, a dangerous offender would be subject only to anindeterminate sentence, but under new provisions to the CriminalCode, if someone meets the criteria for a dangerous offender thesentence could be served under strict long term offenderprovisions. Haight said the difference in it is if this order is granted and ifhe reoffends in a significant way, he is already determined to be adangerous offender, Haight said outside court.

Fay said his client is essentially given a last chance todemonstrate he is making some changes in his life. Dionne was previously convicted in 2003 of sexual assault using aweapon and kidnapping. In 2010, charges were dropped against him for the alleged rape andkidnap of a former prostitute. The woman, who did not show up forthe trial, was arrested and then recanted when forced to come tocourt. Dionne will be back in court on Wednesday to continue thesentencing hearing.

New telecom policy dilutes emphasis to promote domesticmanufacturing – China Neodymium Ring Magnets

The New Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012 — details of which werereleased late on Monday, 11 days after the Cabinet approved thepolicy — reveals major compromises in the government’sproclaimed thrust on domestic manufacturing of telecommunicationsequipment. Originally, telecom manufacturing was supposed to be the hallmarkof NTP 2012 and a distinguishing factor vis- -vis the earlierpolicies of 1994, which was focused on liberalisation of theservices sector and private investment, and NTP 1999, which soughtto lower the cost structure along with a change in the competitivelandscape. The considerably diminished thrust on telecom manufacturing bydomestic players is significant considering that the draft policyprojects domestic demand to be in the region of Rs. 2,50,000 croreby the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. Neodymium Ring Magnets

The draft policy, released in October 2011, had come under firefrom at least four different sources on this and other accounts,including from the Finance and Commerce Ministries as well as fromforeign manufacturers. An entire section in the draft policy on provision for”preferential market access for domestically manufacturedproducts with special emphasis on Indian products for which IPRsreside in India”, as well as one section addressing marketdistortions, incentives and market accessibility for indigenousmanufacturing, has been dropped in the final policy. Further, thepolicy objective “to meet 80% Indian telecom sector demandthrough domestic manufacturing with value addition of 65% by theyear 2020” has been considerably modified. A provision for soft credit for Indian telecom equipmentmanufacturers for domestic deployment and exports has also beenreplaced with “putting in place a stable tax regime”and “provide appropriate incentives” — thustaking away any potential burden on the Finance Ministry forfunding such projects. NTP 2012 thereby replaces direct governmentfinancial assistance with tax incentives. China Neodymium Ring Magnets

Finally, taking a cue from the Commerce Ministry’s commentsrelating to “carve outs” from India’s internationalcommitments relating to government procurement and securityexemptions, the final policy has included a section stating thatthe government will “notify specific guidelines for accordingpreference to domestically manufactured telecommunicationsequipment and products either for reasons of security or forgovernment procurement in accordance with the relevant governmentdecisions and policies in this regard”. This “carve out” for government procurement and undersecurity concerns could become a matter of controversy and debatesince the entire telecom sector — especially the mobilenetworks, which are the largest users of telecom equipment —is considered highly sensitive, with several and multiple existinglayers of restrictions. The interpretation of this ‘carveout’ will finally reveal the extent and range to which domesticmanufacturing of telecom equipment will be impacted by virtue ofNTP 2012. “The policy is a string of flowery statements that does notaddress the core issue of creation and promotion of R&D andIPRs which account for 80% of the cost of the equipment. Neodymium Bar Magnets

Withoutthis, there can be no growth of manufacturing,” said AshokAggarwal, honorary director general, TEMA. The background to this excessive dilution of the government’s keyproposal is an attack by foreign telecom equipment manufacturersacross the U.S., Europe and Asia on the draft policy for offering‘preferential market access’ for domestic manufacturers,citing multiple violations of India’s commitments to WTO and GATTin their complaints to the commerce ministry. Finding merit in these arguments, the Commerce Ministry wrote tothe DoT regarding the violations arising out of grantingpreferential market access to telecom products manufactured inIndia. Additionally, at the stage of the draft Cabinet note, theCommerce Ministry specifically cautioned the DoT to either deleteor reword the language to avoid violation of India’s internationaltrade commitments.

The Finance Ministry, had also expressed its reluctance to provideadditional funds to promote domestic manufacturing. Over the last 7 months, large Indian businesses, including those inthe telecom sector, have also stated their disinterest in makinglarge investments into domestic telecom equipment manufacturing— mostly because of the high R&D costs, competitive pricestructure of international equipment providers, and their previousexperiences of several joint ventures to manufacture telecomequipment in India since the mid-90s failing to take off.

Eu ministers discuss european growth package, budget – Numeric Keypad With Mouse Manufacturer

A growth package for Europe and the full European Union (EU)seven-year budget were under discussion at an informal meeting ofEU ministers for European Affairs, which closed in Horsens, westernDenmark, on Monday. The meeting marked the first time the ministers have discussed thefull range of means for promoting growth in the debt-hit 27-memberEU bloc, the Danish EU Presidency said in a press statement. The talks come ahead of a meeting of the European Council scheduledJune 28-29, where EU top leaders are set to discuss a pan-Europegrowth package. “Consolidation, structural reforms and growth measures can and mustgo hand in hand . Panel Mount Keyboard

(today) we took the first important stepstowards a growth package in Europe,” said Danish Minister forEuropean Affairs Nicolai Wammen, who hosted the meeting. The Danish EU Presidency has put green growth and job creation atthe top of its priority list in a bid to get Europe out offinancial crisis. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt expressed support foran EU-wide growth pact in May, following similar calls by FrenchPresident Francois Hollande. The two-day Horsens meeting also saw ministers examining ways inwhich the seven-year EU budget (2014-2020), also known as theMulti-annual Financial Framework (MFF), can help promote growth inEurope. The budget covers areas such as common agriculture policy, cohesionpolicy, and research and development policy. Numeric Keypad With Mouse Manufacturer

“In our discussions we also looked at ways of using the MFF as atool for growth and jobs .. we are talking about a seven yearbudget framework of around 1,000 billion euros. It’s a lot of moneyand it’s essential we spend them to promote growth and employment,”Wammen said. A final set of negotiating elements for the budget will bepresented at the Council meeting end June, and will be used as abasis for further negotiations in the second half of 2012, thestatement said. The Horsens meeting marks the last of a series of informalministerial meetings hosted by the Danish EU Presidency, which runstill end June. Industrial Mini Keyboard

No decisions are made at informal EU meetings but ministers usethem as an opportunity to discuss in depth the basis for futurepolicy.

100 couples reprise nuptials at villa montalvo ceremony – China Neodymium Speaker Magnets

Sunday, couples relaxed, enjoyed the garden and relived theirmemories. “I remember being at the door with my father” waiting towalk down the aisle, said Minji Wong, 32, who was married to WayneJin at Montalvo just two years ago. Then, the guitarist was playingJohn Lennon’s “Imagine.” “Your heart is beating so fast,” she said, “and you don’t noticeall the details that you put so much work into.” For Mojgan Sahbari, of Saratoga, just walking into the Grand Hallbrought back bittersweet memories of family members who attendedher wedding 17 years ago but have passed on since she marriedShahram Sahbari there. Rick Noodleman, of Saratoga, said the Sunday mega-ceremony remindedhim “how wonderful it is to be married.” “I didn’t know that someone would actually stay with me for 33years,” he said, gazing over at his wife, Arlene. Neodymium Disk Magnet

They married in1979. Better than a replay, in some cases Sunday’s celebration improvedon some wedding details. Rain forced Sherri and Arthur Douville tomove their garden ceremony indoors in 2009; this time, the LosGatos couple got to renew their vows in a sunlit oval garden. Doug Yorke, of San Jose, said the renewal ceremony was more funthan his wedding in 1980, when he was a bundle of nerves and thecouple’s photographer took pictures of the wrong wedding — onehappening elsewhere at Montalvo. China Neodymium Speaker Magnets

This time, he was happy aboutbeing able to wear whatever he wanted. “I looked up ‘garden party’on the Internet and I saw a guy looking like this,” he said,pointing to his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts. Did his wife, Fran, approve? Sure, said Yorke: “She picked out theshirt.” Love and patience But there was also plenty of lace, satin, sequins and embroiderySunday, on the vintage dresses exhibited from the collection ofLorraine Blackburn, of Los Gatos, and on dozens of former brides.Naomi Parker, of Campbell, re-borrowed the same long-train dressshe wore when she married David Parker in 1990 and had to choosebetween a new dress and live music. They chose the band. China Sintered NdFeB Magnets

And the day — which cost $50 per person — reminded many of whythey’re married. “I love my American husband,” said YuliyaVoroninskaya, a Russian who now lives in Portola Valley. She wasstylishly dressed in an Oscar de la Renta sarafan-style dress. Andwhat has seven years of marriage taught her husband, Chris Compton?”I’ve learned to say ‘yes’ in Russian,” he said, “and to bepatient.” Although he didn’t mention forbearance, the right Rev. William E.Swing, who officiated over couples reaffirming their vows all atthe same time, noted that the ceremony was a great compliment tomarriage and to the ability of people to stay married.

When Swing, former Episcopal bishop of California, spoke of loveand comfort, in sickness and health, forsaking all others from thisday forward, for many the solemn moment felt as moving as it did onthe first day of their marriage. “I was scared to death,” said Ken Keegan, of Los Gatos, recallingwhen he married his wife, Gretchen, 46 years ago. “But it was thebest day of my life.” What made it the best day? “My wife.” Contact Sharon Noguchi at 408-271-3775. Follow her at .